HiveBuzz World Cup Contest - Round of 16 - Recap of Day 3

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Here are the results of the third day of the knockout phase

Today we have not copied yesterday's text because, although it seems that the end of the surprises is confirmed, as was the case for the match Brazil vs Korea, it has not been the same for the one between Japan and Croatia.

What a magnificent match, with the first session of additional times and scoring goals in the World Cup. Once again, it's a safe bet that many had good scares, and not just on the field.

It is therefore Croatia and Brazil who are qualified for the quarter-finals.


We now have 530 registered participants who will share the 7051 HIVE from the prize pool.

If you want to join and participate, please read the announcement and the contest rules here before making your bet!

Matches - Knock-out phase

TeamsValid betsTeam ATeam BWinner
Netherlands vs United States16112734Netherlands
Argentina vs Australia22120219Argentina
France vs Poland38234834France
England vs Senegal37734037England
Japan vs Croatia385187198Croatia
Brazil vs Korea Republic38637214Brazil

PS: You can check the results of all group stage matches in this post.

Contest distribution and ranking

We are progressing in this World Cup and the ranking is slowly becoming clearer among the participants.

Here is a breakdown by the number of badges:


Here are the top 25 players. Remember that the sooner you make your bets, the higher you will find yourself in the ranking compared to other players who have the same score as you.

1 @soluce0734
2 @onlyhive34
3 @bonobogologolo33
4 @jats-033
5 @mk99203933
6 @viniciotricolor33
7 @andyblack33
8 @akinolawilly32
9 @axel-mccornstack32
10 @azj2632
11 @furiousfighter32
12 @goliathus32
13 @justfavour32
14 @kpreddy32
15 @lazybug32
16 @loonatic32
17 @speedtuning32
18 @stewie.wieno32
19 @cajiro32
20 @yorra32
21 @javierariascbb32
22 @sodom-lv32
23 @flquin32
24 @valchiz32
25 @arc7icwolf31

Not many changes in the top 3. It's always the same ones who dominate the race. On the other hand, they are only 4 left with a one-badge gap. There seems to have been some skimming on that day.

See you tomorrow.

If you are not listed above, you can check the Ranking Page to find out how far you are from the top.

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Is the prize pool amount correct?
It was 7049 HIVE yesterday.

Small typo. Fixed. Thank you for notifying ;)

what was i thinking korea winning from brazil lol but im still in the race
good job for the winners

good luck for all players 😆

Thank you @speedtuning

I wanted to make a mistake in the croatia vs japan match. The Japanese really are a tremendous team. Very good championship for them.

I took a risk to choose Japan win.
It's a pity that it didn't come true, even it's very close

Life's spicier when you take risks...even if it rewards with fewer badges 😂

many people took a risky move betting on the japs. It almost worked


Good luck everyone

Thank you @mk992039

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What a fantastic match it was! Talking about Brazil - Korea match.
Congrats to those who are holding the top positions among all these peoples.

Thank you @izuki.midoriya

Pleasure is mine 🙂