HiveBuzz World Cup Contest - Recap of Day 6

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Here are the results after six days of competition

What is certain is that there is nothing certain in this World Cup.

Once again we were treated to a huge surprise with the Wales vs Iran match. Iran won the game against all odds, which meant that all Wales supporters did not get their badges. Congrats to the 24 participants who successfully bet for Iran.

The same goes for the Netherlands vs Ecuador match. The first was favorite cur the match ended with a draw. Congrats to the 48 participants who successfully bet for a draw.

Finally, as things always seem to go in threes, we also ended the day with a draw in the England vs United States match although the favorite was England. Congrats to the 22 participants who successfully bet for a draw.


We now have 501 registered participants with new ones joining every day.

If you want to participate, you need to register for the contest by sending 1 HIVE to @hivebuzz.pool with the memo worldcup2022. This is a one-time registration and it will be added to the prize pool so you might get it back at the end of the contest if you are lucky or smart enough ;)

You can enter the competition at any time and the sooner you register and play the more chances you have of winning a bigger prize.

Please read our announcement and the contest rules before making your bet!


TeamsValid betsTeam ATieTeam BWinner
Qatar vs Ecuador3096162186Ecuador
England vs Iran35234642England
Senegal vs Netherlands371521345Netherlands
USA vs Wales38518210796-
Argentina vs Saudi Arabia39739502Saudi Arabia
Denmark vs Tunisia397375193-
Mexico vs Poland40517385147-
France vs Australia405385614France
Morocco vs Croatia4021843341-
Germany vs Japan4043662018Japan
Spain vs Costa Rica4113752313Spain
Belgium vs Canada3873442122Belgium
Switzerland vs Cameroon39920610093Switzerland
Uruguay vs Korea Republic4203146244-
Portugal vs Ghana4173712620Portugal
Brazil vs Serbia415385723Brazil
Wales vs Iran4123097924Iran
Qatar vs Senegal4235049324Senegal
Netherlands vs Ecuador4133244841-
England vs USA4243792223-

Contest distribution and ranking

We are progressing in this World Cup and the ranking is slowly becoming clearer among the participants.

Here is a breakdown by the number of badges:


Here are the top 25 players. Remember that the sooner you make your bets, the higher you will find yourself in the ranking compared to other players who have the same score as you.

1 @andyblack13
2 @bombus13
3 @axel-mccornstack12
4 @bechibenner12
5 @bonobogologolo12
6 @crrdlx12
7 @jesusalejos12
8 @josediccus12
9 @kpreddy12
10 @rfuentes12
11 @saif-ul-wahab12
12 @shitsignals12
13 @sperosamuel1512
14 @onlyhive12
15 @micheal8712
16 @talesfrmthecrypt12
17 @lizelle12
18 @valchiz12
19 @acidyo11
20 @adeyemi1211
21 @agrante11
22 @akinolawilly11
23 @azj2611
24 @bossel11
25 @brando2811

Yesterday's leader @bombus got it wrong three times today. Fatal errors that allow @andyblack to catch up and take the lead in the ranking.

Some were able to pull out of the game and climb the rankings while others tumbled. The battle for first place is going to be fierce in the next few days!

If you are not listed above, read the Ranking Page announcement. You will find out how to access the full ranking and know your position in it.

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No way! @bombus finally got one wrong? Here was me thinking he was a super dooper future predictor!

Some crazy results, he was doing a great job, one wrong and he falls to second! Crazy! Thanks for keeping us updated, loving the World cup that little bit more thanks to @hivebuzz

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @sacra97 ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

Congratulations to us all. Sorry to @bombus my friend, you can still catch up, if you don't give up.

you're still in the fight @bombus. @andyblack congratulations everyone i think we're having a lot of fun @hivebuzz

You did a great guess @andyblack
The game is more and more addictive!

Thanks, u2! Good luck to everybody participating in the contest!

finally somoeone challenges @bombus on the top

:( I need to get back to rank 👽

It feels really nice seeing myself mentioned in the top list that shows the contest is very much competitive.

Congrats on reaching the top @micheal87 🎉

Congratulations no easy hit this results 😁

Congrats to all the people with the correct votes, but I think there is something very fishy going on with the big teams unable to secure a win against a much weaker team. 😵

There are good teams that choked in every World Cup. No one is unbeatable in sports, that's part of the fun.

Well said and that is why I am not using any betting sites apart from this HIVE contest! 😉

Yup, I find myself enjoying watching the games much better without the stress from betting them. 😄

Some crazy results up so far!! Great tournament.

Joining now

Welcome @fredkese


I just don't have luck with Iran :)
Competition has become very unpredictable, which makes it even more interesting to guess results.
Well done and good luck in coming days to everyone

Congratulations to the winner

More upsets still yet to come I just hope to catch up in time.

These games aren't really as predictable as before . How are the mighty falling. Congrats to those at the top.
More surprises to come..

Thanks for the fun contest @hivebuzz! Phew, like you say, nothing is certain but one certainty is that this World Cup is going to become even more tough!
Gosh, how I tumbled yesterday, am thinking of going for the underdog now & then...🤔😜

@bechibenner Super Tippleistung bisher! 👏🏻⚽️

Danke dir, ich hoffe es läuft weiter so, ist ja nicht grade einfach bei den Spielen, hab mich leider vorher nicht damit beschäftigt.
LG dir auch weiter viel Glück

@borsengelaber! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @bechibenner. (1/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Danke! 🙌🏻

@bechibenner the master of football. Wow

Hey danke dir, bis jetzt läuft es gut. Wie schaut es bei dir aus?

Habe 12 Badges bis heute

zur zeit steh ich bei 14


I gifted $PIZZA slices here:
adacardano tipped hivebuzz (x1)
@bechibenner(1/5) tipped @adacardano (x1)

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The match between Tunisia and Australia could change the ranking a lot! Good luck to all 😊

Hey. Top 5 so far.
Nice event, thanks to @hivebuzz

One question, that influences the Ranking position in the same person who have the same result.

In the event of a tie between players, the winner will be the one who first collected all his badges. This means that badges obtained during the group stage will weigh more than those in the final. If there is still a tie after applying the previous rule, the bet time (upvote) of the players will decide, the winner being the first to have made their bet (upvote).

Hi, I sent you 1 hive to join the contest, thanks!