HiveBuzz World Cup Contest - Recap of Day 4

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Here are the results after four days of competition

Phew, we did not have the right to such a hectic day as yesterday.

We were definitely treated to a new surprise with the defeat of Germany against Japan which made an amazing performance. But fortunately, the other matches saw the favorites confirm the predictions, with the possible exception of the match Morocco vs Croatia which ended in a draw.


There are currently 481 registered participants.

If you want to participate, you need to register for the contest by sending 1 HIVE to @hivebuzz.pool with the memo worldcup2022. This is a one-time registration and it will be added to the prize pool so you might get it back at the end of the contest if you are lucky or smart enough ;)

You can enter the competition at any time and the sooner you register and play the more chances you have of winning a bigger prize.

Please read our announcement and the contest rules before making your bet!


TeamsValid betsTeam ATieTeam BWinner
Qatar vs Ecuador3096162186Ecuador
England vs Iran35234642England
Senegal vs Netherlands371521345Netherlands
USA vs Wales38518210796-
Argentina vs Saudi Arabia39739502Saudi Arabia
Denmark vs Tunisia397375193-
Mexico vs Poland40517385147-
France vs Australia405385614France
Morocco vs Croatia4021843341-
Germany vs Japan4043662018Japan
Spain vs Costa Rica4113752313Spain
Belgium vs Canada3873442122Belgium

Contest distribution and ranking

We are progressing in this World Cup and the ranking is slowly becoming clearer among the participants.

Here is the breakdown by the number of badges:


Here are the top 25 players. Remember that the sooner you make your bets, the higher you will find yourself in the ranking compared to other players who have the same score as you.

Once again, the surprising Germany vs Japan match has shaken the ranking.

1 @bombus9
2 @onlyhive8
3 @josediccus8
4 @andyblack8
5 @brando288
6 @axel-mccornstack8
7 @valchiz8
8 @saif-ul-wahab8
9 @agrante8
10 @shitsignals8
11 @viniciotricolor8
12 @manuvert8
13 @kpreddy8
14 @fatherfaith8
15 @edgerik8
16 @dewabrata8
17 @adeyemi128
18 @iamhewho8
19 @yorra7
20 @goliathus7
21 @vasilev897
22 @littlesorceress7
23 @fokusnow7
24 @shahzad-ansari7
25 @emeka47

For the first time, we have a leader who stands out from the peloton. Congratulation to @bombus on the excellent predictions. Beware, your challengers are on the lookout and the slightest mistake could be fatal.

Stay tuned if you are not listed in the above, the full contest's ranking with available soon.

Congratulations to those who managed to guess the results of the matches.

Thank you to our generous sponsors

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@bombus impressive World Cup performance! 🤯

Hehe, that's just the beginning. It will be very difficult to stay among the first until the end 😅

Good luck nevertheless. Maybe I‘ll catch you later. 😁

We hope! Thank you so much 😁

I got 6 hits out of 12, i punished myself for not betting on Ecuador jaja, i didn't calculate the nerves of the Qatar team in their first world cup. Not to mention Argentina and Germany 😵.

By the way @bombus who is going to win the world cup?. It's for an homework assignment i was asked to do. 😉

Thanks a lot for the ranking.

Hahaha maybe you think I'm an oracle?? Right now the winner I think is almost impossible to guess 😁

jajajaj yes this world cup is giving many surprises.

@bombus well done so far 🤗

First position?? 😱😱
Wow, this is incredible!! 😃😃

Congrats, keep going like this @bombus 😉 Have a nice day!

Is the Spain and Costa Rica badge having problems?

I didn't even have the option to vote for it..I've been checking in constantly and I voted for Spain, but it doesn't even say that the voting was open on the badge board for a while.

It's been fixed

ok thanks :)

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @sacra97, @edgar-alive ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

Hello, I voted 23 hours ago that Spain won and I see that I have not been given my badge and it says that I did not participate and I'm worried because just finished the game between Belgium vs. Canada where I put that Belgium would be the winner and I was awarded my badge

Please can you check.

It's been fixed

Muchas Gracias! 👍🏾

Hi, same problem,not received the badge of Spain and Costa Rica, thank you!!!

It's been fixed

Thanks my friend, top 50 o/

Well done everyone. Big congrats to the top 25 who are in crush mode!!

Same here, missing Spain badge...

It's been fixed

Hello, I also voted with time and prudently for the game of Spain -CRC in favor of Spain and I did not get the badge. I make that observation.

It's been fixed

I voted for Spain but it says I didn't earn my badge, I think there's a bug in the system.

It's been fixed

Hi good afternoon do you have any problem with the Spain deck, I haven't arrived yet, yesterday I gave my vote to Spain, I also voted for Belgium and I got it. If you have any problem please let me know.

It's been fixed

I voted for Spain but it says I didn't earn my badge, I think there's a bug because voted for spain and i didn't get my badge.

It's been fixed

I did not receive my badge for the Spain vs Costa Rica game either! Please put that straight

It's been fixed

people do like their badges :D all the comments are about problem with Spain badge

That said, i did not get the badge :). looks like a problem with everyone

It's been fixed


Hi, thanks for the fun.

I have not been assigned the Spain badge, with that one I got 6 hits.

And I'm always one of the first people to vote. Please check back, thank you. @hivebuzz

It's been fixed


Congratulations to everyone. My boss @fokusnow is on the list. I'm very happy bro

I thought I don't have to say anything to get my Spain badge fixed. But I did not get it yet as of now, so please fix it for me, thanks.

I just joined, so have some catching up to do

Good luck with the contest @ctrpch. Have fun! ⚽