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RE: HiveBuzz World Cup Contest - Recap of 3rd Place match

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Greetings, glad to have made it into the top again. But, i think i should be a few places higher when considering the Argentina vs Croatia game, where i haven't received the badge yet. Apologies in advance.



Hello @flquin, we checked your bet for the match Argentina vs Croatia.
The problem is that you bet twice:

  • on 2022-12-12 23:33:33 for ARG with voting power 1%
  • on 2022-12-13 12:09:51 for ARG with voting power 2%

This invalidates your bet for that match and explains why you did not receive a badge.

Yes, i remember that happening. I thought it was very strange, because i was sure i had already made my vote. After that time (almost 12 hours later) i checked the bet again and my vote did not appear. I was going to ask about this error, but i think it would be more cumbersome to wait for the answer, that maybe it would be corrected and risk not having made my vote. So i decided to vote for the same team I had already voted for.

In the rules i hadn't noticed that about the vote weight modification BEFORE. I can prove that that was not in the rules before i made my vote. Please correct your decision.

Only one vote will be counted. Changing your vote weight, deleting your vote, or voting for a different outcome all generate a new vote and you will be disqualified from the match. Think twice before voting!

That's what it is written as rule for every match.

Greetings, thank you for this information.

Please check all the posts again and see when was the last edition they made. I help you with a game.


Please share your observations.

In the first version of the first match (Qatar vs Ecuador) it wasn't.

But the first version of the Argentina vs Croatia match also had this passage:


Thank you very much for sharing this, i guess you are part of the Hivebuzz team. My pleasure.

This you show me i could take it from you, but it could also have been written at this time and show that date. Sorry for my lack of confidence. But, it is very different what i am showing you than what you are showing.

i guess you are part of the Hivebuzz team

No, I'm just a random guy

A perfect. I thought you were because that part looks like the team if it was from the editor.

I would appreciate if you can show me how can i see that editor and maybe i can get out of my mistake. For me it would be of great help and excuse me if it is too much to ask.

This is my discord Felquin#3519