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Hello mechanic lovers

Today I am happier, a job I have done well, motorbikes are the main means of transportation for people basically. Being a hard worker is a daily necessity and a person's obligation to start his career as a mechanic, a motorcycle was badly damaged due to a broken cotton rope on the motor matic.

I'm more impressed to complete a broken machine to be active as before. An experienced mechanic finds out what the damage is to the machine, over time the damage is clearly detected.
I've embraced several visions of the engine having serious damage to the wiring section and for reduced flame flow, resulting in the engine stalling during power draw on the section.






This is a step to perfect in the replacement of the fan belt on the automatic motor, this step needs to be considered to ensure when installing and replacing motor parts in the correct place with the tools needed on the fan belt.
Well, part of the procedure for placing spare parts on the fan belt must be considered even though it is appropriate for its use, but tends to have to be researched so that the spare parts can last a long time.






Being a mechanical in general is very important, especially in rural areas, all day long people move around using motorbikes to transport and so on using motorbikes it is easier and safer.

you can see the steps during the repair process on the replacement part of the fan belt on the automatic motor, this work does look very light, but the risk of working is very large, especially when a customer claims that even their motor has been repaired after a few days of use the same damage occurs .

Being a mechanic, it takes confidence to complete a job. Do you know what it's like to be a true and active mechanism? when compared with ordinary work, it is very much different, moreover this is a machine that has high technology.



well said that motorbikes are our daily part of life, I use my bike a lot to go nearby places as its easy and cost-effective way transport. You seem to have nice information about bike preparing. nice

Hello, welcome. We were just talking about the fact that in your city you use quite a few motorbikes as a means of transport, as few people talk about vehicle engines. Regards

Yes, basically motorbikes are a means of daily life for the rural people I live in, all day rural people always use motorbikes for work and all their activities, thanks @elizabeths14

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