replace some of the components on the left side of your favorite scoopy motorbike engine

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a very unlucky day for me, where the motorbike is always right for me to use, when will it get to the market if the motorbike is like this, the money only brings fifty thousand to buy vegetables, at first glance it seems that this motorbike costs more than one hundred thousand, I am very dizzy and Shame, what will you do when the motorbike is finished, what do you want to pay for?

the incident was about two kilometers from the house, my motorbike couldn't run even though on the gas I was very afraid of being angry with my mother, and the workshop was also far from the scene, fortunately there were good people who wanted to push my motorbike to the workshop, here I am a little scared too because I'm a girl alone and the person who helped me was a boy they both.

when we got to the workshop, fortunately the workshop was a little quiet because it was already noon, my motorbike was immediately worked on even though it was left on for ten minutes to cool the engine temperature.

I don't know anything about motorcycle components and prices, but fortunately the mechanic is very friendly and easy to talk to, while waiting for the motorcycle to finish I sat down and asked about the damage to this motorbike and the mechanic.

said the mechanic in the component section on the left that almost all of them were damaged and caused the vbelt to break, the mechanic also showed which vbelt and what was the damage in this vbelt until the motor couldn't run and what its function was, the brother was very kind, to explain in detail that,

The mechanic said the damage was the housing of the roller, roller, vbelt, and bearing sprocket, I don't know what it was and what its function was for, but his brother again explained it one by one.

what causes my motorbike to not run is because the vblet strap is broken, why is the vbelt strap broken?? he said because the boss of the roller house was oblique or loose, so I told him to replace it later because the item was not replaced and my motorbike broke down again.

Then I asked again what was the cause of the damage to the roller housing? That's because I've never serviced the CVT, it's true that I just changed the oil,






after waiting for almost an hour and my motorbike is finished and can run again,
I was really excited when the mechanic wrote down the receipt for the items used on my motorbike, because I only brought fifty thousand, here are the items that were replaced and repaired on my motorbike:
"roller house
the total price is three hundred thousand,
My brain immediately thought how I want to pay my money not even half of the total I have to pay.

Luckily, this brother is very kind and believes in me who he doesn't know at all, there are still people like this who want to fully trust him like this.

I immediately went home with a little shame with this brother, and I immediately returned to the workshop earlier with three hundred thousand in cash.

I am very grateful for good people who have helped me sincerely.


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