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RE: Vehicle Start/Stop System, Why You Should Seriously Consider Switching It Off!

in Hive Motorslast year

Start/stop systems could be improved a lot, but I guess that car industries try to push more product into the streets without programmed obsolesce (Yeah right), or at least not a direct one, i see this mechanism could be improved a lot, but to be honest the emissions of vehicles are not large enough to justify some stuff people are pulling on it, most CO2 emissions are not based on vehicles, in fact the biggest fuel burners are power plants, that is why the "go electric" move has not actually pulled anything in favor in the long run, as crazy as it sounds, the waste of the batteries, the power plants and the smelting industries are petty much even with what is saved for each Tesla... For now.

So maybe one day they actually improve the Start/stop system to make it good enough, instead of using it to causing passive sales... We would see more renewable electricity going around and, finally, maybe a Ducking atomic car like the ones Asimov thought of in his books, that use nothing and last forever, but who knows, it is not like the petrol industries has all other mayor possibilities by the balls and keep it down where people can't use it.