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RE: Electric vehicles. The good, the bad, and the downright interesting.

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Interesting times as we move into electric vehicles as we once had them over 100 year's ago. I owned a gen 2 Toyota Prius for a couple of years. I bought it cheap as the hybrid battery pack was on it's last legs. I ordered a new battery from Toyota and I removed the old battery and had the new one fitted in a day. Not bad for my first go at it. I am looking at buying myself an electric vehicle soon.


It's going to be interesting to see what comes along. As far as I understand they're trying their best to reduce the battery size as the weight/power ratio tends to hold them back because this plays a huge factor with the range they can travel.
Go on you for doing the battery yourself! You saved a few bucks there. Did you use good old YouTube for a guide?

Interesting times for sure with the electrification of vehicles. Yeah the tube was definitely helpful guide. Toyota was reluctant to sell me the Battery as they didn't think I could do the swap over though I think they just wanted the job to make more money.

YouTube never fails to surprise me. It’s dug me out of some trouble many times 😆
I did wonder how you got Toyota to sell you a battery as I know companies can be very difficult when it comes to that. Money talks I guess 😎 so what EV you looking at for your next car?

Yeah money talks and I told them some of the stuff I've done with vehicles and that I used to work in spare parts at another dealer. I was almost going to buy a BYD T3 van one of the first batches to come to Australia. Unfortunately the company bringing them into Australia were not easy to get information from and when I did it was not always correct. They are selling direct to customer so no dealership. Then the vans kept getting delayed so on and so on. So thought it best to let my reservation go and wait and see how they go once things actually start. I have my options open as we are ment to be getting many new and updated EVs finally coming to Australia this year. Not interested in Tesla.

Buying a car is always stressful if you ask me. Probably why I keep buying cheap bangers. It’s like having another child the amount it ends up costing 😆

Yes so true and I've always had old bangers to.