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RE: Vehicle Start/Stop System, Why You Should Seriously Consider Switching It Off!

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Hmm.....funny how all the car guys do not like the stop/start system why all the car sales people keep selling that as a plus. Personally, I do not like and I drive a Holden Equinox which has this as standard and I do not think there is an option to turn that off.

Is the option to switch it off available on all cars?? My missus will thank you for it! She thinks that she cant beat people at the lights cos of


We don’t get many Holdens in the UK but I do know that there are plenty of vehicle without a stop/start button, however, you can still switch the pesky feature off. You’ll just have to look in the handbook to see how. There are other ways to disable it but that requires one of the following; unplug your seatbelt(not advised especially if the Mrs is out racing 😂), turn on your AC(only works on some cars), wait for your battery to drop below 85% capacity(again, not very helpful). I guess you can always find the fuse for the stop start and remove it?

Just found this video on YouTube

Made me laugh but I guess it’s one way to disable the stop/start

I have to say I am not the most car savvy, so might not be willing to try that :D

The AC method does sort of work, but when we stop at the lights, the engine will still go idle. But if we turn the AC off then back on, it gets the engine going again. But that's still bad for the engine.

Going for servicing next week, might as the tech if he can switch it off. Not sure if it voids any warranty or not.

That’s fair enough but at least you know there is a way to turn it off if you decide to. Not sure about the warranty side of things, that’s always a tricky one. I guess your Mrs could just keep the revs up when stopping at the lights(and that way she gets a nice wheel spin to start her race 😂