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Many of our friends will know about this machine and for those who don't know, I will tell them that it cuts the corn and peels it off the husk and brings it out. It is made with a modern technology. It was introduced in our area three years ago and everyone was amazed at the time that there was a machine that could do such a modern job, the driver's cabin was so beautiful and made of glass and it had an air conditioner because it used to harvest corn. At times the dust rises a lot and the driver is protected from this dust and sees everything through this glass cabin.

Like the harvester it has rear tires die and the front tires run firmly straight and turns are cut from the rear tire. Do the work of days in Minto, its tires are also strong and all its parts are made strong

With the advanced technology of this machine, it takes off the husk from the corn crop and takes it inside and the blades etc. attached to it remove the husk from the husk and then the peeled husk is transferred to the trolley behind. Puts

Now let me show you the front of it where these are attached to the one that pulls the husk inward and breaks the husk off the corn and takes it in. There was a time when people harvested corn by hand. They used to cut and shilling and with the advent of modern machinery, this work has become very less. Some people still work with their hands and do not use machines, but those who have more crops can do months of work in weeks. Use this machine for

Now what I'm showing you is the chain that takes the back to the trolley after peeling the back, through which the peels go backwards and it moves. The chains are strong, no damage and no They do break, but they must be greased.

Belts are attached to the outside through the connection attached to the engine. When it runs, everything moves on it. Then a new one is put in. Its spare belts are in the toolbox

A trolley attached to the rear seat of this modern machine, in which the peel comes in and through the pressure applied here, when it is transferred from one trolley to another trolley, all the work is done by pressure.

Once the trolley is filled and emptied, a round of harvest is started again, enough husks are collected, the trolley is called again and the corn husks are taken out of the crop to a dry place and this is a small trolley. The husks are transported in large trolleys and the corn is harvested in such a way that it is not known whether there was a crop or not.

I was checking all the parts of this modern machine. I like this machine. It is very good. It can harvest twenty acres of corn in a day. Diesel is added to it.

In our area this machine is called BTC machine and this modern machine is mostly used by people who have land and corn crop it is a good technology which is very beneficial to use.


Now this, is heavy machinery that is great for the fields and beneficial to its community :D It sure will save time when harvesting those acres of corn :)

Yes, you are absolutely right, it is a powerful machine

Yay! 🤗
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