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There is a place very near me called the "Newark Bike Project." It is a registered non-profit and is designed specifically to help teach people how to keep care of and maintain their bikes; I've learned a lot from them. Do you have anything like that near you? I suspect you have a lot of knowledge you could share.


I don't know of a project like the one you talk about, near me. I am not a bike expert, I only collect the advice of the bike centers that I usually turn to for repairs and I have accumulated some experience relying on mechanics tutorials that can be found on the web. Several of them share videos on youtube, for example. The difference is that there is no "a to z" tutorial, but you need to know what you want to achieve and do a targeted search. I congratulate "from afar" on the project you told me about, it is important to get to know the bike better for those who use it frequently. !BEER !PIZZA



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