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RE: Sports chat 33th edition with + 2000 Sport give away

Good day to all sports lover what are we doing here strictly sports all what you understand on sports like football, rugby, tennis basketball, volleyball and more not just to looking this platform here we need to move this community forward and only one person can't do that I me and you that can do that your comments and mine can make this platform move to the next level or what did you guys think?


I think that's phenomenal. Greetings from my end, Today has been a very nice and entertaining day so far in the world of football The Fifa World Cup qualifying matches has been keeping me company today, Impressive victories from Serbia and Russia against their respective opponents. I'm following up with the Franch match but it's not really entertaining, France are not putting in a good effort in the match against Ukraine and they find theirselfs trailing at the break to A good goal from Ukraine.

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Great performance from Ukraine but I hope they hold on this in the world cup if they qualify and they are not qualify they should try to play a good football in thief various club

No doubt, Ukraine's performance was great and of late Ukraine has been very impressive when ever they step into the field. I believe they will go all the way to Qatar next year.

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No doubt, Ukraine's performance was great and of late Ukraine has been very impressive when ever they step into the field. I believe they will go all the way to Qatar next year.

I hope for them to be part of Qatar next year because their performance is very fantastic and played an interested game s well.
Love to see them in Qatar 2022

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Oh yeah, Definitely you are going to see them in Qatar 2022 as long as they keep up the good work and deliver outstanding performances.

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Nice to here that whicam hoping that for them keep there fitness for outstanding performance

Oh for sure they will. It's paramount.

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I'm expecting them to be but everything is the next year World Cup Qatar 2022 is here may will all alive to wetness it everybody will watch the good football you see the players that Qatar2022 is the end of their world cup Appearances so which I believe they need to play fine and show up a good performance for the development of their country and to encourage the upcoming players as well

Good day man. All great sports right there. Currently some of them happen to be on break. Basketball happen in less than two month time. Two of my favorite sports however appear to be very active, tennis and football. The Us open has been on and been very exciting. Maria sakkari made into the quarter final yesterday in the women singles while my favorite of all time tennis player Novak Djokovic overcame Brooksby to make it to quarter final after suffering an initial scare. Do you happen to be following it?

For the football games, international action seem to be over. Looking forward to the games on the weekend. I believe you are too. Most especially the Newcastle versus Manchester United where Cristiano Ronaldo makes his second debut.

Yeah international break is over look into Manchester united versus Newcastle united which I think is going to be a tough match between the two side for Newcastle hosting Manchester United which I believe going to be a tough one but I Believe Manchester United should give us three point on that match

Indeed international fixtures are done till later in the year. For the premier league fixture between Newcastle and Manchester United, It will sure be a difficult one. Don't expect a walk in the park for the old Trafford boys has the magpies will sure be giving them a run for their money. I expect an exciting match come Saturday as this sides lock horns

Definitely we are expecting an interesting game from Manchester United by weekend but hope to see the victory over Newcastle at old Trafford

Will also be expecting a win if the Manchester United side get very serious in the game. Unusually games like this, they tend to bottle it and step in bigger matches. I hope they don't this time around has they go on to pick up maximum point at the Saint James's Park

Though is not easy to win the away game and Newcastle is a very uncosidable team but I believe Manchester united should plan and prepare to give us the three point in that game with the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo

No game is actually easy especially with Manchester nited playing away to the magpies. I however think the Red devil's will come out victorious. Just don't want to see their inconsistency showing up again as they bottle it every now and then. With a renowned champions in the Portuguese talisman, they could have renewed mentality and drive to win weekly.