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Hi fam
It's another day..

What does Manchester United have to offer today?...

Now Manchester United have given us a three-point I will win with there opponent with that one goal to nothing winning making a three-pointer so hopefully another week to see them in the same form

Now Manchester United have given us a three-point I will win with there opponent with that one goal to nothing winning making a three-pointer so hopefully another week to see them in the same form

Sadly the team couldn't keep the consistency has they faltered against the Southampton. Seem they aren't any different seeing what result the get. Up today and down tomorrow. They will need to take all games seriously if intend to do much this season. Just checked the statistics, it's been 8years since they lay hold on the EPL. Quite a long time for once feared and most successful club in England

There's a whole lot they got to offer. They gat boomerangs and aliens to bust up the stadium today. Just anticipate, Bro.

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You are right but this is another weekend let's see how they will try to give us three point and make it consistent winning in the English Premier League but is not like winning today, draw tomorrow or losing tomorrow and let them be consistent in their game-winning
good luck for Manchester United

This week seem to be for the international game's. Couldn't even follow any of the matches but was excited though with Manchester United new man Cristiano Ronaldo doing exploits for himself earlier in the week has he became all time goal scorer in international football after surpassing the record of Ali Daei. Such a beast is the Portuguese forward

Definitely Cristiano Ronaldo really proof him self as a legendary in the history of football. Hope to see him with more great performance

A legend he his in the game after delivering the goods week in week out in every team he has played for. A player like him who show such consistency is really rare. Hope he also get to age like fine wine.

Haha, Sorry Bro. But there will be no club league games this weekend. Because of the International world cup qualifying matches happening.

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Okay but with this international world cup qualifier is very interesting for today Sunday which I love the way it's event through
Thanks for the update

Absolutely, The world cup qualifiers was very interesting and sensational on sunday. Goals flying in here and there in every match, It was goals galore and very epic to watch and follow up.

Now we have to turn our eyes and attention over to the return and continuation of Club football this coming weekend. That's the real deal and probably Ronaldo gets to start off his second stint in Manchester United. Outstanding!

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Which you're very right and this weekend will be very super hope to them in well fitness

Yeah they have to be in full and complete fitness, It's their job and hobby and they get richly paid to do it. So why not?! They got to be well fit.

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