A request for a guidelines on how to make an appeal over plagiarism AM DEEPLY SORRY I WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN

Good afternoon community am not happy at all I get downvoted on every post I make on all the communities I ask @abimbola753( my big bro who introduced this community to me) he said I plag I don't really know the right spelling for it but I can explain. This means have been extorting someone else post/writeup to make mine in the community. I don't know is like this here if I really know I would have been try to make up my own post/writeup no matter how the English, sentence or the word may sounds. All I just need is a guideline to do this or if am already doing it I don't know. HIVE communities should just please have mercy on me I will not do that again @hivewatchers


Great one in realizing your errors and looking towards restore it. We all make mistakes. I believe you were not well oriented before getting on board this platform.

Do well henceforth go continually churn out quality contents. Doing that will give you more visibility has you get to stand out for your work. You can also visit the hivewatchers or spaminator discord to resolve your issues if you haven't already.