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Good morning hivers/community i will like to share my childhood experience I had with playing football and the live I have for it.
My love for football when I was still a kid, my mum told me a story about my birth. She said when she was still carrying me in her belly she was passing by a street football field in my street when a guy mistakenly kick the ball towards her direction which hit her belly🤯 some weeks after she gave birth, 2-3years I was outside with my childhood friends which are male playing football with them she came outside to see me kicking the ball like a male child she was kije what is going on then she thought it's childhood thing untill I grew up my love for football become big whereby I do sneak out from the back door of my house to play with the male friend of mine I never had a female she will Rant at me when she finally saw me playing football with them. I remember what she always say then football is meant for boys not girls, then I will always follow my dad to football viewing center to watch matches, she will always want me in the kitchen with her but am not the type that want to stay in the kitchen all the time she praise my junior sis over me because she always help her in the kitchen. Not untill one faithful day she find a solution to my playing if football that was when she send me to boarding school she never knew she can only take kicking of football from me she never stop the love I have for it. I had a great childhood playing football even tho I didn't have it has dream.

Happy reading