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RE: What's on today's Menu? Human Growth Hormone !!!

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That's interesting. I read a while back that a lot of ufc fighters were taking PED but I didn't realize how much so. I read that it essentially cost Bisping his eye sight in one eye, when he fought... Belfort... I think. I also thought the ufc was cracking down on PED, but it sounds like there is very little to do about HGH if it's so hard to detect.


Dude, I can probably write 10 000 words, on all the different PED they are using!
Nice you mention Bisping, and again, you're right about the eye.

I also think, but it's just my humble opinion, that EPO testing hasn't been put in place in the UFC in the years Bisping was fighting, because it was apparently too pricey, and he could have benefited like many others, of the loophole.

He is known to have great cardio, which got better with time.

Again, it doesn't mean he took steroids, or HGH.

Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if he was taking it as well. Too bad about the eye though. That really sucks.

did you see him taking it out? 😄

Lmao, No
Would I want to?

you asked!

Halloween episode hahaha
It is pretty badass to be able to pull out your eye for folks as a party trick