Twelve (12) Health Benefits of Sport to your body

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Recreation, leisure and sports activities play an important role in boosting our health, lifestyle and body fitness. Sport has become a life saver to many people all over the world. That is the more reason why the place of sport cannot be undermined or ruled out of life and nature itself.

As Sports and recreational facilities are valuable for ourhealth and fitness, they allow people to be involved in team activities and give people of all ages an outlet for their energy. The Community Strategy has a number of objectives related to physical activities, improving health and leisure. To this effect, I'll like to outline the health Benefits of sports and recreational activities to the body. These include the following;

1. reducing the risk of developing high blood pressure

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sport and gymnastics activities helps lower high blood pressure by burning fat in the body tissues. It reduces the formation of plague within the artery walls thereby promoting the flow of blood within the blood vessels and the heart

2. Reduced risk of stroke and heart diseases

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As blood flows properly within the heart and blood vessels, the risk of stroke and heart disease is drastically reduced.

3. Reduced risk of Cancer

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Sporting activities optimizes the body functionality and reduces the risk of cancer. Carcinogenic foods and substances should be dealt with and prevented for better body performance.

4. Reduced risk of becoming Overweight or Obese

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As fat burns during frequent exercises the risk of becoming Overweight or obese is drastically reduced.

5. Reduced risk of diabetes

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During frequent exercise, sugar is burnt off reducing the risk of diabetes

6. Improve the quality of sleep



Good exercise promote good sleep and boost immune system.

7. It reduces the level of mortality

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Sporting activities have kept many alive today. The level of mortality will definitely be reduces as the body fit aways with the correct diets in place.

8. It improves muscular strength, fitness, flexibility, endurance and agility

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Sport help promote body muscular strength, flexibility, agility and muscular endurance.

9. It improves the cognitive ability of the brain to learn and reason well

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The brain becomes active during active exercise. It consumes more of glucose that needs to be replenished as body fuel for strength.

11. It builds self esteem and social alertness



Good exercises and Sport activities help boost your self confidence and social lifestyle.

12. It makes the body look refreshed and younger.



Exercise and sporting activities keeps the body refreshed all day. old cells are constantly replaced with new ones for proper health, growth and development.

I will like to stop here for now, I hope you pick one or two useful points from this post.


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