Pirelli Not To Blame - Smoking Gun Is Tampered Tyre Pressure

Would be interesting to know what the tyre pressure is on the back right tyre after what was leaked this week. Don't blame the tyre Max your team was bending the rules.

This week has been a quiet week for news regarding the failed tyres from the Baku Grand prix 10 days ago. Initially the Pirelli team thought that debris was the issue and after testing in the lab that isn't the case. Further testing revealed that the tyres couldn't have just blown up and it is all to do with the tyre pressures. The story was leaked and is not official, but makes sense. If their is a trick happening amongst the teams then the FIA will be investigating this weekend. That story is now official as Pirelli have released something similar without the tricks being played.


Pirelli before every Grand Prix issue a guide for teams to follow regarding race distance for peak performance on the various compounds. They also give strict guidelines to tyre pressures as these are crucial otherwise all their data they supply is a waste of time.

We have worked closely with Pirelli and the @FIA
during their investigation into Max's tyre failure on lap 47 of the #AzerbaijanGP and can confirm that no car fault was found. We adhered to Pirelli’s tyre parameters at all times and will continue to follow their guidance.
Red Bull in response to Pirelli regarding the new protocols.

What teams have done in the past is lower the tyre pressure and use the tyre blankets to heat the air inside the tyre so it expands bringing it back to the right pressure. Tyres are checked before the race making sure everyone complies for safety reasons but upping the tyre blankets heat would hide the real readings of the tyre.

The main reason for this is a softer tyre actually gives you more grip and at the start of the race that is what everyone is looking for. We all know that the FIA made changes to the chassis this season which removed 40% of the downforce so looking for extra grip makes sense, but this tactic could also be very dangerous.

The FIA and Pirelli have released a statement which will obviously have severe consequences for any teams changing tyre pressures from now on. These incidents put Pirelli in a bad light especially as a tyre manufacturer which could affect their business.

“The FIA and Pirelli have agreed a new set of the protocols, including an upgraded technical directive already distributed, for monitoring operating conditions during a race weekend and they will consider any other appropriate actions,” added Pirelli.

On the eve of the French Grand Prix, Pirelli said in a statement: “This analysis also took in the tyres used by other cars in the race, which had the same or a higher number of laps on them compared to the ones that were damaged. The process established that there was no production or quality defect on any of the tyres; nor was there any sign of fatigue or delamination.

No mention of tyre pressure and why it has to be the main reason for the new protocol. Teams know exactly what they have done and will never admit to bending the rules.

I am sure Pirelli are on to something here and this shows exactly what the teams are up to. Red Bull stated that they stuck to the guidelines which could be true even if you lowered the tyre pressure and raised the pressure back up via heat. This is misleading and the question needs to be raised why aren't tyres taken away for random testing to check the tyre pressures once they have cooled down. I suppose that is what will happen this weekend and every race from here on now as a standard procedure.


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Thanks. Crazy to think what teams will do to gain an advantage.

I have never think of the tyre pressure to be an effect of such fault. Its good that proper time was taken for troubleshooting. The new rules will really help and safe more lives. Thanks for sharing.

When I first watched F1 it was when Schumacher and Ferrari were dominating the competition. By that time I only knew some of the technology being used on F1. Fast forward today, F1 has evolved into a very complex racing competition. I think F1 stands alone at the top when it comes to complexity in motor racing.

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