Good To See No Blame Game

Even after the race the troublesome wheel was still on the car as this is not a straightforward fix. We have experienced similar things before and grinding it off is the only way. Most likely they will send the entire set up as is back to the factory.

The take from last weekends race for Mercedes and Ferrari is that there is plenty of room for improvement and things need to change. Both teams ended up with only one car finishing the race and looking back after analyzing things they need to change. There is no blame game or finger pointing happening as that is not constructive and finding solutions is what they are about.

The team was quietly confident at this point the car was good to go. Little did they realise that in the next minute it would be all over.

In the case of Ferrari who had the time against them to repair the crash damaged car. LeClerc crashed into the barriers with 18 seconds of qualifying remaining which didn't leave the team plenty of time to evaluate. After qualifying the team has 60 minutes before the garage is shut until 10am the following morning. In the past teams had the luxury of a spare car but not these days.

The following morning at 10 am they have 5 hours before the race to fix whatever is necessary. The faulty part turned out to be a crack in the drive shaft hub which was on the opposite side of the car where the crash damage was. This would never be part of their to do check list and now the team is revising the process for the future. It turns out the part the team was worried about the most being the gear box was 100% ok. The question is would other teams have done things differently and found the problem?

Mercedes have stood behind the mechanic-wheel gun operator saying it is not his fault even though it technically was. Toto Wolff the head of the Mercedes team rates him as one of their top pit crew and at least backs him. Toto just wants solutions so this is never repeated again.

This week is all about changing the wheel nut through design and new materials. Toto wants a fool proof method that will never allow the wheel gun to strip the thread. Formula One teams are known for their innovation as that is what they do and I am certain this was already being worked on by engineers before the race had even finished. The teams play a leading roll in the development of composites and new types of metals so it will be interesting to find out what they come up with.

What I find refreshing in this day and age is that they know mistakes were made but refuse to blame anyone. So often fingers are pointed in the work place and everyone knows CYA or cover your arse only too well these days. A team is only a team if they stand together and everyone is to blame for their short comings.


So often fingers are pointed in the work place and everyone knows CYA or cover your arse only too well these days

This is can relate to. I don't even blame people to be honest; no one wants to lose their jobs or what little 'security' they have

Very true and how sad is that everyone thinks like that.