Formula E On It's Last legs

I love to watch motorsport but have no interest in watching Formula E. I think that with all the cars being the same there is no point and find it highly boring.

Today Mercedes announced that they would be quitting Formula E at the end of this season which is not a total shocker. This is following Audi and BMW who are also calling it quits. I think the reasons are fairly obvious as the cost versus reward is just not there.

Having manufacturers in motor sport is a must for two reasons as it legitimizes the sport making it better in many peoples views. If the teams were all privateers then what is the difference especially in Formula E. The manufacturers hands are tied behind their backs as the cars are all basically the same with the same power voltage coming from the same battery.

Where Formula One is different is the teams have regulations but they also have that window to be creative and to innovate and develop new ideas and concepts.

What shocked many was Toto Wolff's comment today and I get it but many don't.

Mercedes-Benz will conclude its involvement in the Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team at the end of Season 8 and refocus resource for electric-only vehicle development.


Electric cars are the future and that we all get and understand as everything is becoming greener. Manufacturers need to develop along the lines as Formula One teams do in order to innovate and do things that makes them stand out. What is going to make you stand out and learn form being involved with Formula E?

The batteries come from Williams Racing and everyone has the same, the chassis of the cars is identical so where is the development going to come in so that the manufacturers can learn and innovate? There is very little input once you are all on the same power so the learning window is very small and no wonder after only 2 seasons the manufacturers are bailing. They have taken it as far as they can go and are better off spending the budget developing and creating things that will benefit electric cars in the future.


StoreDot is a company that Mercedes has invested in and will no doubt be fully onboard with this company regarding electric batteries going forward. The money they invested into Formula E would be better spent possibly in helping the battery development side of things.

Formula One has helped electric cars already through harvesting energy from many areas including braking. This is what adds the difference between the cars these days as it depends how good the harvesting system you have compared to the rival teams.

The big question is now that we have 3 major manufacturers out for next season will anyone else pull out and the answer is more than likely. Nissan, Jaguar, Mahindra and Penske are the only real manufacturers left. With Mercedes going I expect Nissan will next as they are also involved with StoreDot investing like Mercedes did 3 years ago.

Taking away the top 3 manufacturers currently in the Formula E series will not be something you can just replace overnight. The manufacturers who are left will question their involvement over the coming weeks as having Mahindra as your competition is not exactly going to bring the crowds in.


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