.not the name of Lionel Messi if you don't play well.

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it's not Lionel Messi's name if he can't perform better on the field.
according to some pacts that lend that Lionel Messi Memeng looks at this age is much older than the people around him. however! someone's intelligence
We do not know ...
as long as I watch Lionel Messi playing yes always give the best to the club that has turned it over

history about Leonel Messi

and even Lionel Messi has a long history in the world of sports ... football.
I like Lionel Messi.

the way yes play really well and no.
There was a foul when he had the ball

who is your favorite soccer player,


He is a legend and the favourite of most of the fans. Age is not an issue, as long as he will give his best to the team.

yes thanks you