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RE: Chess: More than a Sport

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Nice post. You posed a good question and provided loads of info. Having ingested the info though, I still would not consider chess to be a sport.

It is all about grey matter and physicality counts for nothing, so for me that makes it not a sport. To be classed a sport, you need to physically move in my opinion or throw something or hit something.

I do enjoy playing chess and have showed my 4 year old and 7 year old sons how to play. There is a crisp €20 in the chess box for the first of them to beat me! They both love to play now.

I recently watched the Queen's Gambit which was the catalyst to get the boys into chess. That's a cracking show in case any of you have not seen it yet.


I am happy to hear that you are teaching your son to play the game. I agree that sports are closely related to physical activities rather than the mental one, but I am still in the in between., Whether chess is a sport or not, nothing will change that we love the game.

Yes, no doubt it is a great game and excellent for strategy and thinking ahead.