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Good night all insect lovers, best wishes for us, may we always be given health.

On this occasion I will again try to share some photos of an animal that I found yesterday afternoon when I was looking for small animals around the garden behind my house.

Then I saw one animal was on a wild leaf, as usual I tried to approach it but this animal instead of flying it made some styles, and when I took some photos its legs also made some unique movements like a model

This animal looks like a mosquito at first glance, but not a mushroom, at first glance it looks like an ant but not an ant, I also didn't find the type of this animal, is it an insect species? if anyone knows i'm happy to edit my post

In the first three photos I took photos from the front and it looks like this little animal is aware of the camera he immediately makes some foot movements




Then I tried to take it from the side, and he still did some cute styles






after i took some pictures from the side then it flew and i lost track, but on a different leaf i then saw the same kind of animal but different color and i think they are the same species



CameraPoco x3 Pro
LocationAceh, Indonesia
CategoryMacro photography

Your every photo is so clear and this insect is looking great my dearest friend 🤗
Heartful wishes for you...

Thank you very much my friend for your best wishes, have a nice day

Breuh Ju Lee stok😆