Cutter Bee (Cuckoo Bee)

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Good evening friends of all #FascinatingInsects Community..

This is my second post this week in this community, Tonight I try to show the insects that I found in the weeds in housing near my house. The insects that I saw were quite unique, sleeping with their heads down, and just hanging on the grass with their mouths.

These insects are usually referred to as cut bees, these bees cut weeds using their mouths. This bee is better known as the cuckoo bee (Thyreus) which has a striped color, distinctive white and black colors that alternate from head to tail.

These insects are widely spread in the grass ranging from small to large insects. I really like capturing this bee moment in the morning because it doesn't move much so I can capture the moment freely






here I immortalize it from various positions of bees by taking advantage of the surrounding nature


seen bees ranging from small to adults who depend on weeds in the morning




Best Regards @uyapapua

ObjectCutter bee (cuckoo bee)
CameraSmartphone Vivo X70 Pro
LensLesbong 35 mm
LocationAceh, Indonesia

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Impressive looking bees indeed and well captured by your photography.

Thanks very much @funferall. I'm still trying new things in the world of photography