Leptoglossus gonagra

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Friends of hive friends all that I am proud of especially those who joined this Group Insects, on this occasion I will give about a beautiful insect with a unique shape and a very beautiful color.
Yesterday my friend and I walked down the road to the sea and that's where I found another insect Leptoglossus gonagra
This is on the road close to the rice field there are bush plant leaves, Immediately I photographed using my mobile phone camera.
In the area looks a lot of pests are neat because when we were there was almost sun and we can see in the photo below that the results of the portrait lack light.
Maybe in the future my friend and I will look for other insect insects around the place.








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LocationLhoksukon Aceh-Indonesia
Camera MakerRealme
Camera ModelREALME 2 Pro
Take timeDesember 2021
ISO/Fauto F/1.794.71mm
Flash ModeNo Flash

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