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Hello insect lovers, on this occasion allow me to share some photos of insects called "Dysdercus", this is the name I found when I tried to match the photos in my smartphone gallery on Google Lens. After I found the name of this insect, I tried to find some additional information that explained about the insect that I shared in this post on google search, and on wikipedia I found the infomasin that;

Dysdercus is a widespread genus of true bugs in the family Pyrrhocoridae; a number of species attacking cotton bolls may be called "cotton stainers". Read More On Wikipedia

Is it true that this insect dyes cotton? But when I took this photo of the insect, it was not in a cottony tree, it was on a forest pumpkin tree with thorny stems and fruit. By the way, friends, in my area this insect is called Bok-Bok Cong, or some people call him Mr. Pucung, but there are also those who call this insect the father of the goat, I don't understand why he is called that.

I took this photo of insects a few days ago when my friends and I were hunting for macro photos of insects in the forest not far from my house, namely in Aceh - Lhokseumawe. Okay friends, below are some photos of an insect called Dysdercus, and by the way the insects I share this time were taken using a smartphone camera and the help of a macro lens, hope you like it;












Okay buddy, maybe that's all I can say in this post, sorry if there are some words that are difficult to understand, because here I am still using the help of Google translator to translate my writing into English. See you in my next post ;)


CameraPoco X3 NFC
LensSony 25mm & Q-Lens 35mm
ProcessMobile Lightroom
LocationIndonesia - Aceh

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