golden ball spider web || Nephila Philipes

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Photographer Aceh

hey hive blog friends, we will meet again in the following article, Nephila Philipes is a species of golden ball web spider, usually this spider is found in primary or secondary forests or plantations, this spider is found throughout East and Southeast Asian countries and Oceania, This spider makes a very large web, and the baby babies are also hanging in the web, the baby is still small and yellow in color Brass, this spider makes a large web to trap other animals such as butterflies for their food. The picture above shows the shape of the back.

Photographer Aceh

this is the shape from the bottom or the stomach, this spider has a fairly large body posture when it is an adult, this is still a small species, but is married and already has a baby, but the baby is not very visible because it can't be reached by the camera. I hope hive blog friends like my article, the spirit of fighting for the success of all friends.

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