Thanks :)

thanks again for giving support. I can ask no. ID discord, to be able to exchange ideas with Mr. @borjan, and also ask some things

I don't use discord for now. I'm not familiar with discord, have used it only a couple of times last year when I just started on HIVE, which was Steemit back then ... so right now, I think I don't have any ID discord or if I have I don't know anything about it ... but you can always write and ask here in comments, I will gladly answer.

fine, thank you, and I am very happy if you can ask questions with you. Thank you again for the support you have given me, I am also just starting to hive, so I have a lot to learn from you, and other friends too. I am happy to see and read your blog on this hive. and if in Steemit I will also follow you.