Jumping Macro Photography: Telamonia dimidiata

Today I want to show some spider catches that are on a green leaf, there are several sides in the image that I will share including the following.

IMG_20220418_081217.jpgSpider Telamonia dimidiata

This main picture I got when the spider jumped between my clothes, and not long after this spider descended into the flower garden and was very clearly on the green leaf, it's possible that this spider is about to make a nest, because when I saw the spider it doesn't do much response to run or jump to other places, and spiders are the most commonly found in the forests or bushes of Indonesia, or aceh and also as material for me to do macro photography.

Hope you like the spiders here

IMG_20220418_081449.jpgSpider Telamonia dimidiata

IMG_20220418_081413.jpgSpider Telamonia dimidiata

IMG_20220418_081338.jpgSpider Telamonia dimidiata

IMG_20220418_081545.jpgSpider Telamonia dimidiata

IMG_20220418_081257.jpgSpider Telamonia dimidiata

IMG_20220418_081831.jpgSpider Telamonia dimidiata

IMG_20220418_081719.jpgSpider Telamonia dimidiata

Although I was a little surprised when this spider jumped in front of me, but I can have some pictures and I'm wondering if the spider's hair can make me allergic to itching or something, because there are no specific facts about any spiders in each. existing blog, and I hope I'm doing well for now.

CameraOppo A12 + Makro lans
PhotographySpider Jumper
ObjeckTelamonia dimidiata
EditPhone Sneedsep app
Locationaceh, indonesia