Oebalus Pugna

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Greetings all friends.

Walang sangit in Latin is Oebalus Pugna, is a unique small animal, if I look at it using a macro camera, it is very similar to the moester in the film, this animal is usually most commonly found in rice plants if in our area this animal often interferes with agriculture, especially rice and other plants, walang sangit urine is very dangerous, can kill rice plants, even the urine of these animals can cause skin irritation. I've experienced it, I really like to see small animals with very unique shapes, maybe in your area there are also because they are not rare animals.







This is my first insect photo that I took from the forest in my backyard garden. I really like these animals, but I'm still learning to take pictures of small animals using a macro lens that I bought from an Indonesian online market.

Greetings from me,
By @jerry-feros.