Macrophotography Of Thaumetopoeinae ( Caterpillar)

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Hello friends

Today is a very lucky day for me, because I found a very beautiful caterpillar insect object and I want to share it with my friends in this beloved community through the hive blog platform, I found this insect in one of the farmer's fields near the village where I live, and I'm happy that I'm allowed to capture it through photos.

I do my content search activities during the day until late afternoon, because I think it's the right time to take photos because the light is very supportive. Besides that, today is a very tiring day for me after doing routine activities, namely working in a government hospital, I go to work at seven in the morning and come home at two in the afternoon. when I got home I took the time to take a short break and immediately got ready to go on a trip with my friends, namely looking for something I could take a photo of for my posting material on the hive platform.

With great patience and the obstacles that I faced today, I am finally very happy with the results I got from today's trip. I'm a big fan of insect photography and the day I discovered it was this very pretty caterpillar insect in gray.

I found this caterpillar insect on a tree branch, it looks like this caterpillar is basking in the sun. I immediately took out the macro lens and put it on my smartphone, I always carry this equipment with me when I search for content. When my smartphone camera approached this caterpillar-type insect, it was disturbed and avoided the camera's reach. I didn't give up and kept trying to capture some photos of the insects, with great patience I finally managed to capture photos from some good angles.

After successfully capturing it through photos, I finally searched for the Latin name of this insect through a google search, this type of insect is known as Thaumetopoeinae.

Here are some photos that I took and want to share with all my friends in this beloved community;









FotografiThaumetopoeinae ( Caterpillar)
LokasiAceh - Lhokseumawe
Kamerapoco f3

Amazing pictures.
Thanks for sharing.


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