Macrophotography Of Pentatomoidea

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Today I want to share macro photography with all my friends in this beloved community. While I was looking for an object as usual to share on the hive platform, I came across a beetle-type insect perched on the trees.

But when I tried to approach him, he jumped into the clothes I was wearing. Finally I moved this insect into the palm of my hand, it started to stress and didn't want to stay still, when the position was calm I immediately took out the macro lens and attached it to my smartphone to take this beetle into a beautiful photo.

With great patience I finally managed to take some photos from several different angles. After successfully catching it through photos, I finally searched for the Latin name of this insect through a google search, and I found that this insect was named Pentatomoidea. This beetle has a very beautiful color with green and yellow colors and dominant black spots on its body, after everything is finished I move this beetle to its original place, namely in the trees.

Here are some photos that I want to share with friends in the fascinating insects community.







FotografiPentatomoidea (Insecta)
LokasiAceh - Lhokseumawe
Kamerapoco f3

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A su caparazón lo recubre un color metálico precioso, parece hecho de metal. Las imágenes te quedaron excelentes, muy nítidas.

 3 months ago Reveal Comment