Macrophotography Of Omocestus viridulus (grasshopper)

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Hello friends

On this occasion I will share a photo of a grasshopper-type insect that is infesting the trees, when I was looking for content to share on the hive blog platform.

When I was looking for an object to photograph, I saw a very beautiful grasshopper type insect. Grasshoppers are ancient living creatures of herbivorous insects, these insects have a green body with large black eyes. Grasshoppers also have two antennae that function to detect motion, temperature, and even taste. I immediately took out the macro lens that I attached to my smartphone to capture it into a beautiful photo.

After I managed to capture it through photos, I finally searched for the Latin name of this insect through a google search. Finally I know this insect is known as Omocestus viridulus.

This is a great satisfaction for me, because I take a lot of photos and it always fails to be a good photo. But I never gave up and always tried until I finally caught some different angles.

Here are some photos that I took and I want to share with all my friends in this beloved community









FotografiOmocestus viridulus (grasshopper)
LokasiAceh - Lhokseumawe
Kamerapoco f3

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