Macrophotography Of Darkling Beetle

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Hello friends ...... On this occasion I will share a photo of a caterpillar insect that I found in the forest, when I was looking for content to share on the hive blog platform.

While I was looking for an object as usual to share on the hive platform, I found a beetle-type insect with a dark black color perched on a tree branch. Usually I often find beetles with varying colors such as green, orange and yellow. But this time I found a beetle with a very beautiful deep black color.

I was interested in capturing it through photos and immediately I took out the macro lens and stuck it on my smartphone to capture this beetle into a beautiful photo. With great patience I finally managed to capture it from several different angles. This is a special satisfaction for me, because this beetle is a very active animal and I had a hard time catching it. Whenever my smartphone camera gets close to this beetle, it always moves from one place to another. It was as if he wanted to tell me he didn't want to be photographed.

After successfully catching it, I searched for the Latin name of this insect through a google search, finally I found that this beetle is often referred to as the "Dark Beetle" and this animal is also still in the large family "Tenebrionidae". This type of beetle usually eats rotting leaves, rotting wood and even dead insects. Usually this type of beetle is always active at night, but this time I found it during the day. Is he hungry? ha ha ha

Here are some photos that I want to share with friends in the fascinating insects community.


FotografiDarkling Beetle
LokasiAceh - Lhokseumawe
Kamerapoco f3

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