Good night everyone, hopefully every daily activity that we do is always blessed by the almighty. On this occasion I want to share some pictures and explain a little about the koksi beetle that I found in the farm area where I live.


So one afternoon a friend and I went to the field by motorbike to look for what we could take pictures of. Incidentally I got this beetle, I took the initiative to take a picture using a Xioami redmi note 5 smart phone and using other tools, namely a macro lens.

Maybe someone thinks why the pictures I posted are not that many because we arrived at the place almost late at night, and also because I took the photo using a macro lens with an extreme zoom level, that's why I didn't get many pictures because I needed more focus to shoot it, so I hope my friends friends can figure it out.

Reported from the Wikipedia page, the koksi beetle is one of the small animals belonging to the Order Coleoptera. They are easily recognizable because of their small round appearance and colorful back and in some species that have spots. Common people refer to the koksi beetle as the ladybug, because of its size and tough shield, but this beetle is not from the ladybug nation (Hemiptera). This insect is known as a farmer's friend because some of its members prey on insect pests such as aphids. However, there are some species of koksi that also eat leaves, thus becoming a parasite to plants.

Here are some pictures:

IMG_20220410_182949 (1).jpg


In terms of appearance, this beetle is very unique with a round body, hard wings, two antennae on the head and has six legs on the right side of three and on the left side of three, and also has a very interesting color combination, namely the whole body is red with black spots, also on the head is orange and also on the legs are orange and the color of his eyes is black.

And here is a picture of the beetle that is mating:

IMG_20220410_182305 (1).jpg

They were perched on the trunks of small trees, to make it easier for me to photograph them I broke the trunks to get a good perspective. And also I was very careful in taking pictures so that they would not be disturbed by my actions.

So, here's a little story and explanation about this beetle that I can share, hopefully friends here can learn the lesson and take the positive side. I thank you very much and pray that the activities we carry out daily will remain healthy in body and mind. Best regards @ghosthyper29

CameraXioami redmi note 5
Help toolMacro lens


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