ENTOMOBLOG 01: The Dragon Fly How Its Become Beneficial?

in Fascinating Insects6 months ago

I am walking in the garden and see something, it never moved. I took my phone and took some shots of the model that showed her divine beauty. I took five closer shoots, and still, it didn't move. I tried to touch it, and it flew away.

This will be my first entomology blog, and entomology is the study of insects. But in my field of agriculture, we don't just look by the name insects. Also, we do look if this insect was a pest or beneficial; also, we need to evaluate the characteristics of the insect, morphology, and all the aspects in between. For my first subject, let's talk about the dragon in the insect world.

Also comes the time of our field research in the insects subject where we need to catch those insects and look for their part, list the population density, and many more. Taking up an Agriculture related course was cool.

Why are they called dragonflies?

A fascinating organism, yet they are not and never related to dragons; dragonfly is predatory insects which happened they catch other small insects such as ants, houseflies, mosquitoes, and even smaller insect of their kind. Some people don't recognize the dragonfly and the damselfly. The dragonfly that showed in the photo and the damselfly was the one we thought was a minor or baby dragonfly, the colorfully red or blue that happened to be the smaller and thinner side of the dragonfly. Still, the catch is that they are not baby dragonflies. They are another species of insect under the same category as the dragonfly. We called them Odonata.

Odonata is an order of Insecta, "Odon," which means teeth. Odonata is a predatory insect, the natural predator of mosquitoes, so when you see some don't catch or play with their wings, they play a vital thing, especially in the control of dengue outbreaks and some insects that hold a virus.

Dragonfly has many variations in size and color, and some might see the green pigment of a large and small one, others had seen the colorful yellow and red both medium length and a small one, others dragonfly would remind their childhood as they tried to catch under the heat of the sun.

Many memories remind us of these fascinating insects, but let's look at some scientific side of these fascinating insects.

What makes the dragonfly becomes an insect?

In entomology, we only be called insect when it has the following, first have three pairs of legs, and dragonfly has that one, next have distinct body region (Head, Thorax, and Abdomen), they have one pair of antennae, dragonfly have one pair of the part. Let's try to explain them in the matter of understanding in the simplest ways possible, and if there is something you cannot, don't be hesitant to ask in the comment. I will love to have a conversation in the comment section.

Pairs of Legs: Dragonflies have three pairs of them.

Have you not been curious to catch one and feel what was in the legs, a spiky that could be glued to your skin? Dragonflies have raptorial legs, which will easily catch their prey using legs designed for grasping—a kind and typical for predatory insects.

Dragonflies have the whole region of the head, thorax, and abdomen. The photo shows where it is located, the head with the eyes and mouth. The abdomen is where the secretion starts and ends. This makes the dragonfly and damselfly the formation of their head, thorax, and abdomens. They could balance it easily to fly fast even though their stomachs were full.

Now take a look at the antennae of the insect. The formation is called Setaceous, or bristle-like segments, the same as green leafhoppers. They use this antenna to detect prey, their food, or even predators that look larger than them. Like other insects, they use the antenna to hear the sound and try to recognize it as warming in danger yet to come.

Dragonfly Heads.

Dragonfly heads were classified as Hypognathous heads, which meant that the head part was perfect and the right angel or it displays. Unlike other insects that mouth part was hiding or underneath their legs, the head was designed with their eye, and dragonfly eyes were classified as compound or like humans have the pairs of it. We don't say insect mouth, we called it mandibles in entomology terminologies, so if you somehow encountered the word "mandibles," it also meant the insect mouth part, just some trivia.

About the wings of the dragonfly, its wing formation of Membranous type wings is transparent and attached to the insect's thorax.

It sounds cool to study insects. They have these names and variations that make them unique to other insects. Remember the key points, Dragonflies belong to an order of Odonata, meaning they are predatory insects.

The Dragon Fly How Its Become Beneficial?

In agriculture and the creation of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), we wanted to control and minimize insecticide use due to the global effects of the chemicals in land and water. As to alternatives, one of the best sides is the 'natural enemy' or predatory insect. Also, in the Philippines, as the rainy season begins, the number of cases of dengue outbreaks comes to the threshold level. One of the predators of mosquitos is the damselfly and dragonfly.

They play a vital role in the ecosystem. Controlling and monitoring the population of pests and other harmful insects to humans.

Now you learn some information about the dragonfly, yet not totally a dragon. Next following we could also look for other insects that are normally present in the backyards of your gardens and home.


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I was looking for dragonflies this morning but no luck, probably because it rained the last few days and they tend to hide. Oh, did not know dragonflies are beneficial in agriculture. I am always looking forward to your blogs because I find them very informative. By the way, how come you can take a picture of this creature without them flying before you snap? HAHA! I always had no luck taking pictures of them.

Haha took them afternoon, when you catch an insect in the morning, surely it will just flew away whahaha. 4 PM is resting period of insect, also they are preparing for night hybernation, rains happened most from afternoon and they need to gets some shelter atleast. Afternoon or night is insect catching time whahaha....

Oh, my. You are such a smart lad. I think I am falling...

Such an informative post yonong..reminded me of those young days we were catching dragonflies. Now, I barely see such insects here, as well as butterflies 😢

Ouch that's kind of massacre actually. It's meant people are already been dominated the land area where some pollinators should have for space.

Right now I don't see kids playing with it under the sun, well gadgets are more to holds whahaha

meron cguro sa bundok2.
True.. Gadgets na nilalaro kbataan ngayon

You never stop to amaze me with a deeper explanation of the insect world or agri-related topics. I also knew basic info about dragonflies and some fun facts about them. Hmm. I remembered the manhwa I was reading, the main character's quirk is a dragonfly. Their compound eyes are wonder and an asset. Love this blog!

I am not familiar with the mangga yet some fiction movie tells the same under the sight of insect eyes haha. Well I also loved to share for it's gives the idea that, my years of studies didn't goes to age and burren I could still used it anywhere not just in farm field but also in blogging career haha. I loved it

Woah. Full of information cool. Back then when I was a kid literally used to catch these dragonfly and than letting them set free after having fun was quite too much fun.

You Got a nice picture and the one thing is they don't get scared of humans and allow them come near or touch.

Anyway, have a Great Sunday ahead!

I am also guilty of catching them and honestly cuts there wings hehe, well as child who plays under the sun, the hardships and reward is to see some insect in the plastic bag, even competes with my playmates who gained the most number of catches lol.

I do loved studying insects too, they always have information that worthy to learn. Thanks for reading and happy weekend buddy.

That's pretty close-up pic, I didn't know they're actually good controlling mosquitoes. I thought there were just flying around and that's about it. Learned something new today.

Maybe the insects was tired that afternoon and ready to rest when I spotted them, lol. Indeed I also impressed when I read the it to textbook when I was college, sadly mosquitos are more prolific than dragonflies and here's come the insecticide were they also affected upon. I do also educates people that this insects are benificial and must not harmed for they have slow rate of reproduction over the enemies. Thank you for reading.

Grabe. Ako wala talagang alam sa mga ganyan hehehe. Galing!

Haha, I just listened and takes down notes when the professor explained and yeah I was mesmerized hearing and reading the lessons of my Entomology teacher. Also kind of hard subject but worthy for I still have them in head lol. Thanks for reading.

Cool! But I wonder if pesticides also affect their population...in our place, since it's mostly rice fields, most farmers use pesticides to secure their yields.

I have this little permaculture project and it's not always that I see dragonflies around, maybe sometimes, but not consistently. I badly need natural pest control especially on my cucurbits, they're the ones most affected by squash beetles and other pests.

This is truly an amazing blog once again. I learned something again and I really liked those dragonflies. There's a lot of them in summer and not the green one but the orange one..
here near our house there's a lof of little dragonfly just like the ones I included on my post the other day. I'm just glad that they're not getting away when I approach them..
Memories are coming back tuloy 😁

Woah grabe ang mga terms @eunoia101 parang di ko carry and you know, I don't like science and history and English back then lol. All I know about dragonflies is this.

Tutubi tutubi sa gitna ng daan, hwag kang pahuhuli sa batang matapang, ikaw namang bata ka hwag mung huhulihin, tutubi tutubi kaibigan natin.

Oh kinanta mo na, ano? hahaha

I love their role to controle the mosquitoes population lol


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