This is an adventure with wasps and hornets - summer 08-2022

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I was walking around and I came across a lone wasp that was walking around and I didn't bother it

I photographed her and she walks like I'm not there and stops every now and then, but she's also quite fast

a little detail of the head as it has tentacles

there are many similar species, this is one species that belongs to the paper wasp Vespula vulgaris, and it is similar to Vespula germanica

thin transparent wings with small reinforcements

details of the back that have notches where the wings on the back join

recognizable by its yellow-black color and narrow waist

beautiful little head of this cute wasp

she continued to walk and I went a little further to ...

... this is an old oak pit in which there is one hole with a soft sawdust of brown - black color and parts of wood inside that are like walls

Something like that should be avoided and not approached. I recorded this because it was interesting to me and to find what stung me so I can hear it more clearly.

This is the entrance of the hornet's nest-Vespa crabro

they are quite calm, but not for long, you have to be careful, since they can sting once or up to 10 times, because their sting does not fall off .

This yellow dot above the turnip is approximately 3-4 cm in size

it looks like this

They come in and out quite quickly, so it is very difficult to catch them in flight or when they land

this is how this projectile looks in the air with a deep sound

They have style for the entrance, I like how they did it

This is the fine gnawed sawdust in the wood with the black coating they don't come near such holes lest they attack and stab you with their painful and large complainer

This was on September 3. 2022 in the morning around 8:20 a.m. while I was working, a snake landed on my left leg and stung my ear, it's the second day

this point is a stab wound, this one honestly hit me the hardest and the hardest

this is what my swollen left leg looks like, I couldn't even stand on it until I walked a bit.

I found this in the house, approximately the dimensions of the size of the insect are the same, the hornet Vespa crabo prevails in a stronger yellow color

It is quite long, 4 centimeters long and has a stinger of about 4-5 millimeters that does not fall off

in the beginning it is a struggle that lasts to be endured but it lasts for hours, some 3-5 hours it lasts a stabbing pain

this was photographed on 09/16/2022 as the stab scar remains

with this right foot I stood in the nest and there through my sock I got nine punctures only this one they told me to burn and that caused the most problems due to burning and possible infection.

This is the right ankle
Happened on 08/08/2022 in the morning photographed at 8:33 am
I had 9 stitches on my leg, which I managed quickly with a plantain plant that I put as a poultice.

this is August 15, 2022, the others are almost gone except for this one, which was fried by the fire of the lighter, despair not to do it, at least I won't burn the wound like that anymore

Here he came under my short-sleeved shirts early in the morning at 8:17 a.m. on August 20, 2022, another good morning

Out of fear, he quickly stabbed me and came out of the mother, but that's why his hand was full of tits the next day.

after the third day, when the swelling begins to decrease, severe itching of the skin begins along the edges.

All in all, it was an interesting experience meeting the Vespa crabo enthusiasts

I've never seen this type of wasp or followed it, it entered my house and was on its way

Interesting strong yellow color very thin long elegant waist and with that ass that strange body

It is a beautiful species that is rarely seen Eumenus pomiformis , which I put on a twig and throw out into nature.

This is the most interesting wasp nest I've seen, in fact I've never seen such a regular bell-shaped one that was made in my room

Well, to make it interesting, it is also the nest of the Vespa crabro

The nests are inactive, they are there for decoration on the map because they are beautiful and do not bother me.

That's how this little adventure ended in the summer of 2022. You can see what happens in this chronicle on HIVE with my photo work and meeting with insects, of course, and the text.

That would be it for now until the next adventure or some chronicle who knows what's next.

I wish you a pleasant rest of the day.



I was bitten by a bee once, it hurts and itches ...!
Get well soon!

It's quite painful from these, but luckily there are no consequences ;))

There must be at least something positive :-)

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