Rain indicator - Snail and Housefly

This is an extremely small and tiny snail, an old species that is rarely found in gardens that are not contaminated with pesticides.


they are very seldom seen but a few days before the arrival of heavy rain


it appears on the facade of a wall approximately 1.5 meters high because it does not like to be in the ground or on the ground when a downpour falls so as not to burn. Because they don't like a big basket ... but I don't know what kind and name this little snail is


this little tiny 5 millimeter snail we call it the Vineyard Snail


which climbed to the roof ceiling to be as far away from the shower as possible

even if it is close to the spider's house, it is obviously better close to the spider than in the rain, even if it is 2 meters high


so it's only then that we see such rare young snails that show us what kind of weather the rainstorm will actually be


we have to re-learn to read behavior from the nature of their behavior to make it at least a little easier for us of course only if we have a need.

I like to observe the behavior, movement, sounds and even where they are and how insects and birds live, it is simply nature, but we are in their field, we have occupied their path of movement ...

they adapt to us and we treat them with respect, some with respect and some do not even see them

even this little housefly otherwise annoying before the onset of heavy rain starts to attack actually pinching our skin and this is an indication that a storm is coming


so I hope it will be a little useful especially for adventurers like you on Hive who plan to go to nature and enjoy it with digital equipment on some further walking that you roughly know how to read time through little friends some are beautiful and some boring as flies

with text and photos that are mine

continues I just have to capture the right moment of time indicators of whether it will be nice or ugly weather of course I'll post ... I want out a wonderful day.


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Thank you for this ... people who read the signs of Creation are now rare, but since I pay attention to such things, I always appreciate learning new signs to look for ... I observed snails crawling up walls as a child in the rainy season, and always wondered ... now I know!

It's interesting to me too :))


So that's why, I didn't see them that year! ...
It just didn't rain all summer!

yes sympathetic reason :)


I remember my grandfather (farmer) told us that when tree leaves turn upside down, it means rain. And then I find this and learn that farmers are wise :)

Very nice snail information :)