One walk on a wild road

It's a very nice day and I just went for a walk in the wild and on a road that used to be off the ground and is now covered with small gravel.
And I saw this in the bushes


And on that beautiful pebble that covered the road, a very, very small spider came across in front of me


he was as calm as if he were hiding under that little ball of stone so I wouldn't see him


he went on his way as I did. I noticed one small and tiny flower


next to which stood a spider on the web with its catch


and that flower and this bud are of wild asparagus ( Lat . Asparugus acutifolius ) where now is the time of the world for some and some already have green fruits


the spider is upset and carries with it its prey wrapped in the open sea and hung on one thread for itself


somehow he hooked it up and went back to that ball again and there you can see his transparent maybe tentacles and maybe his teeth all small but you can see


I tried to photograph him from behind to see what he looked like


and a little below to see what he looks like


and his tiny legs clinging to that cobweb with those little pliers on top of his legs


and he goes on to make a real acrobat


wild asparagus grows in forests, along paths, walls and dry stone walls


this is some flower of perhaps a millimeter a little and was blown by a gentle breeze


This is some flower from perhaps a millimeter a little and he was blowing a gentle editor and hard to tell the word


This is some flower from perhaps a millimeter a little and he was blowing a gentle editor and hard to tell the word


this is what this beautiful bouquet of prickly plant adorned with tiny yellow flowers looks like


barbed and for some dangerous and for some suitable for hunting


The flower tube is interesting to me


Because it's tiny and never. I can look at it right


because there will always be some beautiful cobweb that I can't destroy because someone needs it


To see the side of how little dusty look


In the middle and a same beautifully made


nicely adorns the branch with an enticing bite


This cricket is looking for these beautiful yellow and soft flower


just on this branch next to it in a beautiful woven cobweb on prickly leaves is an oauk


and obviously follows the situation as it is set up


But if this cricket jump on the wrong branch


another spider is waiting for him on another branch


from branch to branch


and to the juicy almost open bud


This very nice flower has them more kind ( Lat . Scabiosa )


At the top of the flower almost not to notice the small powders that look like a fireworks of small tiny dots


It looks great in this square natural flower


And when looking better can be a different flower and again the same


this is a flower carrot flower ( Lat . Daucus carota ) that slowly turns into a seed thus shrinking into a cup upwards actually more like a ball


only with that wild carrot flower ( Lat . Daucus carota ) one should also be very careful when it is in the seed phase like this because there is usually a spider inside and it can be of different species


In short, it would be my little walk along an old road to show you on HIVE with a little text and photos interesting things in that place when the middle of summer slowly turns into autumn.



Nice post with many good macros. Congrats.


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Thanks a lot but very hard to do though I managed ;))

Wow beautiful

D ;))

Okay so your photos are amazing.
This is a really detailed post....

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Thank you very much I am very glad ;))

You're welcome dear.

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Wow... these pictures are clean clean... please might I know the details of specifications of the device or camera you used to take these pictures?

Po o thank you ,,, of course I'll tell you what I use this is one of the. 20 X macro lenses I use to make my photos ... I get along with it

Nice image.Those spider can drop web everywhere, that's while I hate them

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He lets go of the net and I adore them because there are so many of them that it's not boring with them ... they catch mosquitoes and flies along the way ;))

Hola. Es muy hermosa la naturaleza que nos regalas, la madre naturaleza es increíble y me encantaron esas fotografías, gracias por compartir tus fotografías me agradan mucho los animales. Un abrazo desde Colombia.

Hi there. The nature that you give us is very beautiful, mother nature is incredible and I loved those photographs, thank you for sharing your photographs, I really like animals. A hug from Colombia.

Mucioo Grazziess ;))