My little house hunter

in Fascinating Insects5 months ago (edited)

On the wall in the house, while I was walking up the stairs, I came across a small and cute friend, jump the spider .

His little tiny knee looks so pretty hairy

There I was trying to take a photo of him letting out a thread of cobwebs from his butt as he crawled along the wall

When I tried to catch his eyes in the frame, he turned his head to me and winked

so he turned my back

to look at the hairs

this is how it looks on the wall, how tiny it is in fact, and while I was photographing it with a flash, this peeled remains of an insect appeared

interesting as it looks

Here is a short little adventure on my home wall .

All work is mine, until the next adventure.



Nice looking spider ;))

Look my last Spider post.

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