Hoverfly od the cup of tea

in Fascinating Insects6 months ago

The day was beautiful, suddenly a cute miniature fly of 10 mm flew in, although it looked more like a wasp to me.


very good camouflage and not boring doesn’t go through the body just by things


it was on my cup of tea


so I went a little looking to see what kind it was and I found it


( Lat.Episyrphus ) balteatus, sometimes called the marmalade hoverfly, is a relatively small hoverfly (9–12 mm) of the Syrphidae family,


Europe, North Asia, and North Africa. The upper side of the abdomen is patterned with orange and black bands. Two further identification characters


are the presence of secondary black bands on the third and fourth dorsal plates and faint greyish longitudinal stripes on the thorax.


Its color patterns may appear wasp-like to other animals, such as birds, protecting it from predation.

I am very glad when such an insect interests me to study it a bit and I admire how they manage in that nature.


A such a good subject to stay in place for it's picture..

Yes a cute theme for a camouflaged fly ;))

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That is a very interesting fly @denisdenis , nature always fascinates me, those colors are amazing, beautiful photos too. Thank you for sharing.

Nature is also extremely beautiful to me and it always surprises me ,,, there is simply no end, it is purely beautiful nature ;))

Absolutely agree, thank you @denisdenis have a great day.

Thanks ;))