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Greetings Fascinatinginsect...

Not a few want to share the results of their respective macros, even very high quality and very amazing. I see the various posts of friends who are here are very extraordinary. That's why I really want to compete for beauty in the art of macro photography, but I don't have complete equipment, only use a makeshift smartphone...

Here is a shot that I think is perfect, during the shooting process, I spent a lot of time here.

Camera | Smartphone Realme XT | Lens | HB-100mm

This green bottle fly, slightly larger than the house fly and has a metallic, green, blue and gold coloration with a black texture. Body length has a size of 10-12 mm.

Lucilia Sericata

Lucilia Sericata

Lucilia Sericata

Lucilia Sericata

Lucilia Sericata

Lucilia Sericata

Lucilia Sericata

Thanks to all of you. Hope you enjoy my picture

CameraSmartphone Realme XT
PhotographerBy Me @dayat92
Image PolishApp Lightroom

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