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Today is again one of those days when I'm much busier than usual and there isn't much time for creating a post. In other words - it's a Short Content Day again. You'll see only two species in the following photographs.


The spider Oxyopes heterophthalmus and the froghopper
Cercopis sanguinolenta. In this opening shot, the spider has caught its prey, the aforementioned froghopper. In the following photograph ...


... you can see a mating pair of Cercopis sanguinolenta froghoppers. The froghoppers feed on plant juices, using a relatively short needle-like proboscis. Young nymphs live underground and suck the juices from the root of the host plants, various grasses mostly. They are always surrounded by their own secretions that form a protective nest made of foam.


Oxyopes heterophthalmus is a spider from the Oxyopidae family. Spiders from this family are commonly known as Lynx spiders. They are ambush hunters. Very fast and able to perform long jumps. Their hunting technique definitely resembles the one used by many cats. They don't use the silky threads for hunting, but the female builds an egg purse in which the eggs can safely develop. The silky nests are attached to straws or grass and twigs of various plants, and the female guards them until they hatch. In this last, closing photograph you can take another look at the spider with its prey, and since the picture is enlargeable this time, you can see more details.

The photographs were taken in 2009.



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Well I guess this death was made honorable in the form of macrophotography. Those little guys don't stand a chance against such a formidable predator.


Nice macros 👍👍

I never encountered this type of froghopper yet. Not sure whether it can be found in Malaysia 🤔🤔

Nice one, I guess even in your busiest days you will still have stuffs to post because you take a lot of pictures and that is a good thing.

Keep this up🙂

Those are wonderful insect photography. Spider are looking so wonderful. Nicely captured

Love the coloring on the froghoppers. :))

some of these small animals look very interesting, especially when they are taken with detailed objects so that they look very nice and cool.

what i like about you. you can save your photos that are so good quality from 2009 to 2022, the spider has caught its prey, the frog, isn't the prey bigger than the spider? does this spider just kill its prey and then throw it away?

Yes, the preys are often bigger than spiders. Often much bigger than in this case. Spiders use venom to subdue them. The prey will be eaten, of course, this hunt is about getting the food.

Truly a reliable prey-killing spider and a poison so dangerous that the mango is easily conquered

beautiful photography and very neat writing..

Thank you for the information..

As a child, I caught poisonous tarantulas, furry and with a cross on their backs ... I took them in my hand without fear, it’s even surprising that they didn’t bite.
Great photos!

looks so tough the outer skin of the grasshopper, but the spider which has a slightly smaller body is able to kill its prey.

Wow, picture number two I really just saw the insect for the first time and I think it is very unique.

Oxiopidae spiders family are very dangerous, they are excellent hunters and have good vision with 8 eyes. Beautiful shots of today 😍

It's really quite amazing how far the photo is taken, bro