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On the following photograph ... you can see three beetles ...


... of the same species ... the Cryptocephalus sericeus ...

DSC00071 malo.jpg

... the green ones are mating ... and they are practically the norm when it comes to the look of this insect, I saw the blue one only a couple of times in my life ... and photographed it in those few occasions, like in 2015 ad example, when these shots were taken.

DSC00062 malo.jpg

The males and females are usually metallic green ... with more or less orange and yellow metallic reflections ...

P1960615 samoMALO.jpg

... on this one you can see plenty of that kind of reflection.


I was wondering what is the blue one, male or female ...

DSC00068 samo MALO.jpg

... and a bit later ... when it got the chance to disrupt the green couple ...

DSC00067 malo.jpg

... it was revealed that it is a male.

DSC09225 malo.jpg

Here is another ordinary green couple, photographed on the same kind of plant - the thistle, in 2011.

DSC09403 malo.jpg

Always on the same plant, in the same habitat - the coastal meadow ...

DSC09409 malo.jpg

... during the summer of 2018, I saw this situation ...

DSC09406 malo.jpg

... with the blue female.


Here you can see some small wild bee buzzing around the scene.

DSC09423 malo.jpg

Besides these variations, there is another color that makes this a three - color post.

DSC09899 malo.jpg

Only once ...

DSC09925 malo.jpg

... in May 2013 ...

DSC09901 malo.jpg

... I found this shiny copper variation.

DSC09920 malo.jpg

Just much later ... today, while preparing this post ...

DSC09910 malo.jpg

... I noticed a little detail on this insect.

DSC09910 MINI KROP.jpg

Some minuscule mite ... so I cropped it.

DSC09413 malo.jpg

And that's it ...


... as always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work.

P1960612 samoMALO.jpg


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Great shot of the mite :)

:D Everything else is just the background for the mite


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wow ... so beautiful the little beetle crawling on this flower looks so amazing ..

NSFW! Especially the menage a trois situation. :)


Excellent photographic material my friend, truly every photo you take is magnificent. I congratulate you for this work you do, greetings!

Thank you :)

Stunning! Beautiful shots...

Thanks :) These shiny insects are always photogenic.