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I didn't think that I will use my macro lens today, when I went out of the house to clean some fish in the backyard ...


... but I noticed some minuscule, barely visible movement in the grass ...

IMG_5735 malo.jpg

... and a multitude of blue flowers ...

IMG_5738 malo.jpg

... scattered all around my lawn ...

IMG_5756 malo.jpg

... so, I had to take a better look ...


... at this unexpected signs of insect life so late in the year.

IMG_5667 malo.jpg

The day wasn't very cold around noon, when these photographs were taken ...

IMG_5614 malo.jpg

... but I can tell you that was far from warm as well.

IMG_5600 i 5604 malo DVOSTRUKO.jpg

This is the Dalotia coriaria ...

IMG_5606 malo.jpg

... a minuscule rove beetle species.

IMG_5659 malo.jpg

I saw these interesting planthoppers ...

IMG_5662 malo.jpg

... for the first time today ... I never noticed them before. These winged one looked like adults ...

IMG_5655 malo.jpg

... these ... with large abdomens ...

IMG_5695 malo.jpg

... are maybe females ... or some large nymphs ... I don't know ... maybe a different species, although I have a strong feeling that this is all one species ... I'm slightly more sure about that part.

IMG_5696 malo.jpg

These, really minuscule ones ...

IMG_5698 malo.jpg

... are definitely nymphs ...

IMG_5700 malo.jpg

... small, not completely developed versions of planthoppers.

IMG_5627 malo.jpg

The weather was pretty humid ...

IMG_5633 malo.jpg

... and these droplets were the seasonal decorations in this small jungle that has grown behind my house.


This fly has contributed with another, really minuscule jewel.

IMG_5720 malo.jpg

Most of these species are unknown to me ...


... this small, completely black bug is another insect that I never saw before.


This fly was walking up and down the leaf of grass ...

IMG_5730 malo.jpg

... and constantly signaling something with her wings.

IMG_5622 malo.jpg

This is another fly of that same species ...


... this one was cleaning her legs.

IMG_5733 malo.jpg

These blue flowers are present in big quantities on my lawn ...

IMG_5740 malo.jpg

... some of them are still part of the plant ... and some are falling all around ... you can see both kinds on the same shot here.

IMG_5736 i 5737 MALO DUPLO.jpg

Veronica persica is the name of this soft and lovely weed. While I was photographing the flowers ...

IMG_5748 malo.jpg

... this earthworm appeared from the dense vegetation ... and caught my attention ...

IMG_5749 malo.jpg

... so I unmounted the macro lens to take these shots ...

IMG_5751 malo.jpg

... the earthworm looked like a giant compared to other characters in this post.

IMG_5638 malo.jpg

The color of these springtails ...

IMG_5678 malo.jpg

... can vary from yellow to green ...

IMG_5644 malo.jpg

... through quite a few shades of these two colors ... and dashes of other colors as well.

IMG_5674 malo.jpg

The green ones ...


... especially these bright green variations ... are very well camouflaged on fresh grass that grows abundantly during this humid part of the year.

IMG_5641 malo.jpg

Sminthurus viridis is the name of this springtail species.


Here you can take a better, more up close look at one of them feeding ... this is the edge of my macro lens capability ... springtails are really minuscule.

IMG_5701 malo.jpg

Dicyrtomina minuta is a different species, almost identical in shape but with very vivid coloration ... that can vary from yellow and orange to pink, red or violet.

IMG_5723 malo.jpg

Some dandelion - like seeds ... much smaller than the actual dandelion seeds ... ended up trapped among the leaves of grass ...

IMG_5743 malo.jpg

Here you can see a pair of those seeds ... and a droplet between them.

IMG_5702 malo.jpg

On one large leaf of the Arum maculatum plant ...


... I found this minuscule red thing ... I have no idea about what this could be.

IMG_5669 malo.jpg

And now ...


... with the last two fly I saw today ... is time to end this unexpected winter post about insects and company.

As always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work.


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Thank you :)

Very nice macro shots man. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the comment :)

All good bruh. You got some good clear details in these shots. Love how clear the wind turned out on them small beetles?

Err wings

I can't give you more than 100% for your awesome posts!

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Very good photos, super quality

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The photos so wonderfull

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Love your view , great collections.

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Excelente!!!! Muy buenas fotografías

Gracias :)

How much life hides a backyard!

True ... and even in this time of the year when the nature is sleepy and less active here ... on the land at least ... in the see is always action, now even more than in the warm part of the year

Too interesting! Something that few of us see, that's why I find these types of posts excellent :)

Wow, that is a wonderful post!! Very beautiful photos and great shots.

Thanks :)

this photo collection is amazing

Thank you :)