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It's a fresh and humid early morning ... in the first week of September ...

IMG_5764 malo.jpg

... and these ants are enjoying the seasonal abundance ...


... just like this wasp ...

IMG_6010 malo.jpg

... this fly ...

smok 1 malo.jpg

... and me.


We are all on the stony hill with a nice view at the sea ...

IMG_5747 malo.jpg

... and in a couple of hours the atmosphere will get hot and dry.

IMG_6685 malo.jpg

I'm regularly rambling around this area since my childhood, but only about 5 or 6 years ago I discovered that some of the self seeding fig trees on this stony hill surrounded by dense thorny vegetation and pretty hard to reach, have delicious juicy fruits just like the cultivated ones.

IMG_5728 malo.jpg

So, often in this period, I come here in the morning, when the figs are fresh and enjoy my extremely sweet breakfast ...

IMG_7094 malo.jpg

... and a bit of photographic exploration too.


There is always a possibility of finding something interesting on these large leafs ...

IMG_5875 malo.jpg

... like this small hairy beetle, the Lagria hirta ... that feeds on nectar and pollen ... and hides on the lower surfaces of the leaves when is time to rest.


There is a lot to see on the stony terrain underneath the trees as well. Many grasshoppers are jumping around ...


... and small Podarcis sicula are sunbathing ...

IMG_5823 malo.jpg

... or hunting ... this one has just caught some insect, probably a beetle, but is hard to tell because the attack was fast, the moment short and elusive ... and at the end, all I have to show is this shot, on which is clear that the lizard is swallowing something ... but what ... who knows. This is an adult lizard ... while on the following photographs ...

IMG_7051 malo.jpg

... you can see a much smaller juvenile.


They are very shy and vigilant, and therefore much harder to photograph than the adults which often come close to the photographer to see what's that large alien creature on their territory.

IMG_5732 malo.jpg

The figs and pines are often growing together, sometimes almost intertwined, creating small green islands ...

IMG_6021 malo.jpg

... providing the shelter for many interesting species. This grasshopper on the fig leaf is the green nymph of the Anacridium aegyptium. When young, they can be also brown.


This is just a short look at the young cones of the pine tree that grows beside the fig.

IMG_6655 malo.jpg

In one place on this windy plateau, the pines are forming some kind of small wood, with one large, old tree sheltering some younger ones and it looks that this island is slowly spreading.

IMG_5852 malo.jpg

The pines that grow with no shelter of taller trees, in windy spots, are always small and curved.

IMG_5938 malo.jpg

There is an interesting community of herbaceous plant in the open spaces between the trees ... and here ...


... you can often encounter this interesting spider ... the Argiope lobata.

IMG_5941 malo.jpg

It's a pretty large spider, related to the very common and widespread wasp spider (Argiope bruennichi)


They build large and pretty resilient orbs ... and this one has caught something recently ... something densely enveloped in white silk, and therefore unidentifiable.

IMG_5879 malo.jpg

In some places ... the Clematis vitalba plant is climbing along shrubs and trees ...

IMG_5948 malo.jpg

... while in others ... the same plant is covering the rocks and some smaller plants.

IMG_5898 malo.jpg

In this period Clematis vitalba is producing the fruits ...

IMG_5908 malo.jpg

... a large quantity of fruits ...


... with fluffy, feather - like appendages.

IMG_5904 malo.jpg

It's a very cute seasonal decoration.

IMG_5850 malo.jpg

This Batozonellus lacertida wasp is patrolling the area ... in search for large spiders to provide the food for its larvae ... the Argiope lobata could easily become the wasp's wictim.

IMG_6018 malo.jpg

You can see two figs on this photograph. The fruit on the left has ripened recently and is ready to be eaten ... the one in the right looks withered and not so palatable ... but ... this one is even sweeter and better ... when figs get dry on the tree, if there's no rain at the end of summer and if animals don't make holes in them, they taste a bit like dried figs you can buy in the stores but are juicier and extremely delicious ... although they do look like something slightly rotten.

IMG_6000 malo.jpg

These half dried delicacy is pretty rare here ... because most of the fruits get attacked by something ... sooner or later ... usually sooner.

IMG_7154 malo.jpg

The Red admirals (Vanessa atalanta) are feeding mostly on figs in this period ... and in this place.

IMG_6019 malo.jpg

The males are flying around the trees and protecting their territories.

IMG_6020 malo.jpg

It looks that this one has many fights behind him.


The Southern white admirals (Limenitis reducta) are also here to gather nutrients from the fruits.

IMG_7214 malo.jpg

This small butterfly ... one of quite a fey small blue butterfly species present in the area ...


... is resting under the tree ... on some dry, dandelion - like plant.


I don't know the exact species ... of the butterfly ... nor of the plant.

IMG_5832 malo.jpg
... Not far from there, on the rocks ... I found also this Bush - cricket ...

... and then another one of the same kind ... both in a pretty unusual pose, with elevated abdomen and saber - like egg laying organ.

IMG_5951 malo.jpg

Here you can see some fly resting on the dry Chicory stem not far from there ...

IMG_5739 malo.jpg

... here is another wider look at the setting ... and with the following photograph ...

IMG_5837 malo.jpg

... and some different fly ... we are back on the fig tree.

IMG_5985 malo.jpg

This Horse-fly has pretty impresive eyes.


It's a cool looking fly ... so I took a few more shots ...


... from different angles. On the following photograph ...


... you can see the Black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) ...


... and here ... is another unidentified fly ... I found quite a few similar looking species through my search … so I can't tell you which one exactly is this.

IMG_5755 malo.jpg

And now ...

IMG_5776 malo.jpg

... back to the ants ...

IMG_5765 malo.jpg

... the same crowd you already saw in the opening shot.

IMG_5757 malo.jpg

In the part 2 and 3 of this mini - series, you'll encounter some of the same character from this post ...

IMG_5766 malo.jpg

... in different shots, compositions and situations ...

IMG_5760 malo.jpg

... along with some fresh new species.

IMG_5770 malo.jpg

As always in these posts on HIVE, the photograph are my work ... I mean all except the one with me on it, that one was taken by a friend.

IMG_5776 malo.jpg

That's it - THE END.


Man how good it looks like it's not from our surroundings but what's fascinating to me insects, insects and reptiles aren't afraid of you but pose nicely to stay in the frame hi hi fascinatingly beautiful:-)

He, he ... those reptilian posers ...

Great post! :)

Thank you :)

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How casually you share your snack with all creatures--the hunter and the hunted. The doors of the dining room are open and all are welcome, except some who come may themselves become the feast.
This is a fantastic post. I looked up that amazing spider and had to stop watching the YouTube video.

I know it's the natural order of things, but no fun to watch :(
Thanks for this journey through your part of the world. It truly felt like a virtual tour.

True. These the short moments of the attack when something dies are slightly disturbing and not fun to watch, especially on video when you see the whole scene and proceedings. Even more disturbing is when bigger animals more related to us are on the screen.
Glad you experienced this like some virtual tour :) I also like that feeling when I find this kind of post from some distant part of the world, especially from places that are not well known national parks and such, places that are never seen until some local amateur puts them on pictures. It's like HIVE travel through images.

globe bee borjan.jpg


Hello @borjan!

wonderful macro shots
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Thanks :)



Manually curated by blacklux 💡Hurricane Rider 🌪 from the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you

Amazing macro photos!! These insects look rather frightening close up! Luckily they are quite small! If they were as big as a cat, I would have to have some weapons with me while walking in the fields! LoL


Great macro photos! Ants at the feast! :D

It was an epic breakfast for the ants :)