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And so :) preceded by this opening photograph ...

IMG_9199 malo.jpg

... here comes my first 3 S P E A K upload.

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The Cicada is coming out of the old, larval exoskeleton after the metamorphosis ... early in the morning ... while various birds are singing in the background.
This is my first attempt at uploading here on 3SPEAK, hope I understood the procedure correctly ( which I usually never do at first attempt :) ) ... and I'll say a little atheist prayer in hope that whatever strange divinity not caring about who worships it or not is out there, makes everything go smoothly.

▶️ 3Speak

And :) that's it ...

IMG_9225 malo.jpg

... as always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs and the video are my work.


Why does it look so shrimp at first?

Because the new exoskeleton ( the external skeleton that looks like armor) is still soft and the wings are folded so don't look like wings at all, the insect is not completely formed and is very delicate.

Funny you should mention shrimp, a friend of mine from Thailand actually cooked a few of these and they actually taste like shrimp lol.

:D a cicada cooking post ... is coming soon ...

Trick is finding enough for a meal lol.


Aww cool you found one too, it almost looks like the 17 year cicadas but without the red eyes.

egg very interesting how much it is heard so much it is rarely seen especially when coming out of that metamorphosis

Very nice photos! I will have to look up 3 Speak vid!

I enjoyed the video a lot and I liked the little info-interventions, especially the blacky 😊😊
I am mesmerized by all this, I hope I won’t start waking up early looking for cicadas (you may want to check out my latest post for it includes an unusual fascinating insect, a purple faced crab spider)
Also, I liked the fact that you uploaded in 3speak, I may try it soon 😊😊

Congratulations @borjan, great job you're introducing us.

Thank you:)

Hi again ... I need your help :)
I wish to log in 3speak but I am so stupid I cannot understand how
Can you please tell me what data you used to log in?
At the initial mask "sign in" I tried entering my email + posting key or username + posting key - but nothing
Thanks in advance!

I'll try to remember what I did to sign in and publish on 3 SPEAK :) than I'll tell you what I know.

Have you already signed up ? Have you made your password for 3 speak? You need to sign up first and then use your E - mail and that password you created to log in.

Thank you so much and apologies for putting you to trouble! I also just received a message by them so I ll try and do it tomorrow 😊😊
Thanks so much 👍


السلام عليكم
صور جميل جدا .ودق في التصوير

شكرا لك. أتمنى لك يوما عظيما. آمل أن يكون مترجم جوجل قد قام بعمل جيد وأن ما كتبته لن يبدو مشوهًا. :)

Really like a shrimp!) Amazing metamorphosis!


woooaawww your camera is very very good...

:) ... it has some nice macro lens adapter