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I spent a couple of hours near the sea today. It was around noon, the weather was hot ...


... and this beautiful grasshopper ...


... the Calliptamus italicus ...


... was resting on the coastal rocks ...

... on the stretch of coastline between two villages called Liznjan and Shishan.

While standing in the Liznjan territory, I zoomed in here on the hill that goes by the name of Svetitza. This hill is considered to be part of the Shishan territory.

Here you can take another look at the Calliptamus italicus grasshopper. Slightly from above this time. The angle from which the photograph was taken reveals some new details.
These grasshoppers are present in southern and central Europe. in north Africa, the Near East, and in the steppes of central Asia.
Here in my area, I encounter them only on the dry, stony terrains near the sea.
They can feed on a wide variety of wild and cultivated plants.
When it comes to size and color, Calliptamus italicus it's a pretty variable species, so in these photographs, you can see only one of quite a few versions.

Behind the belt of coastal rocks, the ground was covered with an intricate growth of various, prevalently thorny, shrubs.


There, on some dried-out plant in the shade of the blackberry shrub, I found another grasshopper. This one was very well camouflaged and hard to notice.

The scientific name of this species is Aiolopus strepens. This Mediterranean species can be found in southern Europe, Near East, and North Africa. Aiolopus strepens grasshoppers usually eat various types of grass. But can also feed on other plants.


This summer was exceptionally dry, so the shrubs didn't produce many fruits. If you enlarge the picture by clicking on it, you may notice a couple of small, black berries in its center.

This fly, the Anthomyia imbrida, was photographed on the rocks, very close to the sea. In that area, the waves and the wind have accumulated plenty of driftwood, plastic, and various small fragments of dried-out plants & garbage. In the following photograph ...


... you can see a small jumping spider that was posing on the dessicated piece of some plant there.


This is the Attulus distinguendus ...


... a Salticidae species that often inhabits dry, stony areas with scarce vegetation.

I was there, on the beach, with my brother and my father. In this photograph, taken by my brother, you can see my father and me walking across the rocks.

The following links will take you to the sites with more information about some of the protagonists of this post. I found some stuff about them there.



Great captures of both grasshoppers. The second one you did find even though he blended in so well.
The beach area does look wonderful.
And that jumping spider is just the cutest thing. So much fun to watch them 😊
Great to see you in a photo too.
Have a wonderful Wednesday 👋🏻😊 thanks for sharing these beautiful captures @borjan 😎


Grasshopper is great, looks quite big, is it normal size or is it a big example. The spider is very hairy, I would have no courage to come so close. Beautiful beach, calm and lcear water and nice warm sunny day.

It's a normal size for that species. 🙂

That beach looks amazing 🤩 very nice photos 👍


Looks like a great day by the water. Fantastic captures of the grasshopper. Spiders are fascinating with all those eyes,

all the pictures you show are very amazing.

i love the grasshoper, love the way you took a picture from it , where you can see its enviroment. Nice pictures.

Thanks 🙂Glad you like the post.

The coloring designs on the Calliptamus italicus are just fascinating. Looks like a nice outing with your family.

Yes, the end of summer is great. Still warm but quiet with fewer people on the beaches.

The heat is something that distresses many people, but there are some countries where the waters do not let up, climate change is in force and I do not see much being done to neutralize all this, but well, it is better to say what I feel by watching and reading your post , I love the photographs , especially the hill , and the scientific names appear in many of your publications , that 's good , you learn and teach us .
I congratulate you for your work, it's always nice, well the photos of some animals, I could say that their eyes are bigger than mine :)

Hey your father looks very happy, well he's by your side and your brother's, he's not alone

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Again lovely pictures, I sometimes wonder how hard it'll be to take a picture of a fly who is easily startled?

It's fairly easy with the right equipment.

Flies in Nigeria aren't very photogenic 😂😂
And their shy, a crackle of cloth and their off


Cool bro. You did a lot of good content.

Lovely pictures taken it really shows you guys had a lot of fun in the beach.

Your father looks very happy. It is your good luck that you are walking together. It was definitely a good moment.

That beach look like a great place for relaxation

I love the close shot friend nice photography @borjan