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It's late afternoon ...
IMG_0012 malo.jpg
... two spiders are resting still on the dried out ear of grass ...
IMG_0013 malo.jpg
... a better look shows that only one of them is a complete spider ... and the other is just an empty shell, the old exoskeleton he recently got out of.
IMG_8982 malo.jpg
Another spider ...
IMG_8984 malo.jpg
... the Thomisus onustus crab spider ... well, at least I think, that's the right species here ...
... is waiting in some kind of ambush, on the Achillea millefolium cluster of flowers ... this floral background doesn't look like an ideal place for his camouflage ... but the spider surely have some reason to be there.
IMG_8973 malo.jpg
Many other creatures also resting on these flowers ... like this shield bug nymph ...
IMG_8994 malo.jpg
... this small, red - eyed moth ...
IMG_9002 malo.jpg
... and this pretty peculiar beetle ...
... very flattened ... shaped like some seed ... or some strange limpet with antennae.
IMG_9005 malo.jpg
This is the Thistle tortoise beetle (Cassida rubiginosa) ... and after tolerating my presence for a couple of shots on the upper surface of the flower, the beetle decided to hide under, where she has a better camouflage.
IMG_8975 malo.jpg
This small and quite lovely, wild bee ... is slowing down after the whole day of buzzing under the strong sun, and soon she will hide under the flower ... and spend the night there.
IMG_9539 malo.jpg
There are many flowers on the meadows ...
IMG_9542 malo.jpg
... and many of them have names that are unknown to me ... so I'm showing you the pictures only.
IMG_0029 malo.jpg
This is some kind of wild onion ... but I can't tell you the exact species.
IMG_0004 malo.jpg
On a small barren parchment between the grass, there is a drama going on.

The wasp Arachnospila anceps has caught and paralyzed the spider ... and now she is dragging him in her den ...
IMG_0006 malo.jpg
... where he will be a living food storage for the larvae.
IMG_9537 malo.jpg
On this plant you can see some ruined remains of relatively old potter wasp's architecture.
IMG_8850 malo.jpg
There is also a bit of glitter and shine, scattered around ... the Cetonia aurata beetle ...
IMG_8859 malo.jpg
... and the small Psilothrix viridicoerulea.
IMG_0011 malo.jpg
As the night is approaching ... some shield bugs are mating under the flowers ...
IMG_9038 malo.jpg
... a fresh new Lady beetle has just come out of the pupae ...
IMG_9014 samoMALO.jpg
... some spider is waiting in ambush on the ear of grass ...
IMG_0022 samoMALO.jpg
... the click beetle is ready to fly into the dusk ...
IMG_9097 malo.jpg
... and the Bee fly Bombylius canescens is resting on some flower.
IMG_9058 malo.jpg
There is another of these furry flies resting on the ear of grass ... and then ...
IMG_9063 malo.jpg
... there is a lovely circle of three furry friends resting on another grass.
IMG_9106 malo.jpg
Although I usually see these lovely flies sleeping alone on the sheltered, a bit hidden parts of the meadows bordering with bushes or woodlands ...
IMG_9108 malo.jpg
... sometimes I come across furry groups ...
... gathered on the same plant.
IMG_9123 malo.jpg
And with these group portraits of sleepy Bee flies ...
IMG_9139 malo.jpg
... this evening report from the meadows ends - THE END.
As always in these reports on HIVE, all the photographs (and the video) are my work.


The pink crab spider is absolutely gorgeous!
And the three furry friends :) Look like naughty gang plotting something.
How do you catch all those little buggers?

Hehehe, true is a cartoonish trio. :) Sometimes I crawl slowly towards them ... and some other times I sit near a flower or some other place where a lot is going on and wait for something to come to me ... in the evening many diurnal insects and spiders are very calm and is easy to approach them ... sometimes I follow the insect across meadows until he finally accepts my presence or is just too exhausted and depressed :D by this human's stubbornness. There is always something going on in nature in this part of the year, so if I'm not successful with one species or situation - there is always something else nearby. ;) Thanks for the question - it's a cool one.

Great post!

Thank you :)

Sitting is my favorite option. I tend to follow some butterflies or slower insects, but they usually win. I find bees super easy as where there are flowers there are usually some bees. And they are not shy.
Shooting in the evening you use to extra light?

I like sitting and comfortably photographing too ... a lot :D
Yes ... I use the built-in flash covered with a bit of toilet paper ... sometimes I use that also in the middle of the day ... for very small stuff ... or where I wanna have the maximum depth of field ... or maximum speed when some fast action is going on.

Ohhh cool! Thanks for the tips. I remember the TP trick. I always forget about it when I try to shot something at home. I must get myself to do some more permanent diffusor to have on hand when it is not sunny.

As a grown man doing this, its easy for some to think I've lost my marbles...


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Wooow 🍻very good macro shots! I like it very much .. thank you.

Those golden insects with golden wings look like ballet dancers dancing in the wind and hopping among flowers!

That insane pink spider close up... Seriously man? :D You can even see the eyes, all of them! Crazyyy. Looks like you are shooting through a microscope :D

I have some pretty cool Macro lens adapter :) is small and easy to use, I never had better equipment ... and was even cheap ... I bought it second hand.

Night insect hunter:) Congratulations on many great trophies.
Tell me, do these trophies probably scatter after the outbreak or vice versa become numb from surprise? :-)

:D The second usually

Wow these are so amazing! I love your post.

Thank you :)

Wow! Really great macro photos. I can't catch insects motionless :(

Thanks :) It takes some practice, like everything ... and time and patience too :) and is good to know that is normal to have more missed opportunities than good photographs - for every photograph I show here I have many more insects that escaped before I could take a picture :D

I am trying to be patient :) I shared some insect posts :) I hope they are good. I'm new here yet :)

:) Is great to see new faces around. Welcome! I saw the artichoke post, that one has some macro - and is pretty cool. Good work. The food posts also look delicious.

Thank you, I am happy to be here :) I like taking photos and cooking :) It is really fun to do both :) I am also grateful for your support :)