NEWS FROM THE MEADOWS - 28. March 2021

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The gorgeous Gonepteryx cleopatra butterfly on the following photograph ...


... is elegantly hanging on the Allium neapolitanum plant, while feeding on one of its elegant white flowers.


This wild garlic has produced a multitude of juicy flowers ...


... now that the spring has shown its full power after the frosty, hesitating start.


For this post I have spent about two hours sniffing around the Allium neapolitanum in bloom ...


... and I'm pretty satisfied with what I caught on photographs. I don't know the name of this small bee species, quite a few similar species can be seen buzzing around, and determination can be pretty confusing. This one has plenty of yellow pollen attached to its hind legs.


Here you can see a very similar little bee. This one isn't covered with pollen.


While I was photographing the tiny bees from very up close, with the macro lens on ...


... the considerably larger white butterflies were flying around my head like snowflakes on the gentle breeze.


This is the Pieris napi ...


... commonly known as Green-veined White ...


... this species looks great among all these white petals ...


... it looks a bit like some kind of flying flower, a snow - white illusion that appears and disappears from sight.


This is another, similar but slightly larger species called the Large White (Pieris brassicae)


Some flowers were still closed ...


... and looked like a bouquet of tiny white tulips.


On one of these buds I found this small, very young nymph of some cricket ... probably the Tettigonia viridissima bush - cricket.


Here you can see the young cricket cleaning his feet.


A bit later, while exploring the flowers ...


... I found another one ... of the same species ... and then ...


... yet another one ...


... this nymph was resting on the long and large leaf of some neighboring plant ...


... and was wery well hidden in plain sight, on that green surface.


This small, fuzzy jumping spider, I don't know the exact species ...


... was patrolling the same plant ...


... when he arrived at the edge of the long leaf, he was looking at something below ...


... after this shot, the spider disappeared with a long - distance jump, fast as a bullet.


This is the minuscule nymph of the Pholidoptera griseoaptera bush - cricket.


I saw plenty of them scattered around that small patch of terrain.


When I left the Allium neapolitanum flowers ...


... and their visitors ...


... just about twenty meters further, I stepped on the narrow path surrounded by shrubs and carpeted with daisies ... and while I was admiring this lovely springtime scenery ...


... another Gonepteryx cleopatra landed right before my feet ...


... so I had the opportunity to take a few more shots with this beautiful species ...


... the last post of these MEADOW NEWS REPORT series was published long ago, on the 4. August 2020 ... I forgot about this project during the colder part of the year, but now I felt that the time is right to resurrect the thing along with the general resurrection trend that can be seen everywhere in nature. It's a nice way to evade the problem of creating a new title each time I publish a similar flowers & insects themed post. NEWS FROM THE MEADOWS fits them all, and can appeal to people who like News reports but don't care about the bad news and politics. As always in these macro - news on HIVE, the photographs are my work, and all were taken today.


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Thank you :)

Wow, what a nice specimen the Gonepteryx cleopatra, I don't remember having seen it, likewise, excellent pictures you share, an excellent variety of arthropods. Success my friend @borjan, greetings!


A wonderful collection of insects really love that Pieris napi butterfly.

Thanks :) Yes, those white butterflies are really lovely.

And the great photography adds to there beauty.

Your spring is definitely further along than ours. Envy your shots for their beauty and that you got to m
be there. March is still pretty much roaring where I am.

Though I did see a Bumble Queen yesterday scouting nest sites but she was too flighty to get a decent shot.

Live in hope:)


Very interesting spring insects on this stinking and very horribly slimy slimy but very beautiful manna, one of the most beautiful flowers of the wild garlic plant. :))


Yay! 🤗
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Nature is indeed a very important blessing. I wish every man could appreciate it. By the way, your photos are beautiful.

Thanks :)

Wow amazing photo 😍😍😍

Thanks :)

Oh I love your photography so so much. These are cool pictures. Great shots!!!. !wine

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Thanks. :) Winter is over, and I have plenty of insects and stuff at my disposal again. Finally, :) some real fun and excitement.

Great photos! You definitely have a way with animals since they're not in a hurry to get away from all the attention.

Thanks :) I spend a lot of time with animals, so maybe they got used to me being around.

Your post is reblogged and upvoted by me. It is a good post. Thank you @borjan

Thank you

wow ... very interesting and amazing some collection of these little animals, what a really good and wonderful shot.

So cute insect are nice and it is look at wonderful for live everyday.

Nature looks more beautiful with your camera, awesome work..

Thank you :)

hello dear friend @borjan good day
Your shots are amazing, the place where you take your photographs feels very fresh, you always choose the right setting for your photographs
I appreciate that you let us know
have a beautiful Sunday and a happy start to the week

Thank you :) have a great week ahead.